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Please fix the solo queue rating system

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This game is a team game, yet solo queue is supposed to be a measure of a player's skill? I hate how this game has been out for 2 years and yet the system is still as superficial as it was back at day 1. Ya you deserve to be at your rating despite having 2 leavers in one day, a troll pick, and several unrated players who are just starting out in ranked. :troll face: It's so ridiculous how badly crafted the elo system is...

A note: I have made more than my share of mistakes to end up around ~1000-1050, specially with my 5 game losing streak with -45 points per game. Still, there's so much to be desired from how points are given and taken....

1. Stop putting people who just entered rank at such a high elo?

I'm tired of playing russian roulette at my rating. Sometimes I get these fantastic players with 200 points above me and other times below me. That's alright, these people are established and have stats to look at. Who gets on my nerves is the ryze who loses mid and is only on his 5th ranked game, or the Yi who went against caitlyn because he, " Mains him"............................................

tl;dr: Place accounts without rating in their own craphole please.

2. Reduce points for leavers/afker?

Please, it's not fair that one rage quitter ruins the entire game in a supposedly serious, competitive one. I know there is always gonna be balogna for playing with random people,but to lower a team's rating because they can't carry their leaver is absolute balogna.

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Caelum Porcus



Loss Forgiven for early leaves, while leaver is still punished, winners still receive win. That's the solution for only part of the problem...

I've considered a "rating reset" but not sure how it would be implemented, because in many cases that would simply allow the trolls around 800-1000 elo to stay up at 1200.

+1 for this thread, and more suggestions for fixes please.