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"It's a custom game derptard"

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It's working as intended. The Tribunal is to punish thoughs that breakt he Summoners Code, i.e. ruining the game for others on purpose, through verbal abuse, trolling, feeding, so forth.

A good on is ARAM (All Random All Mid). That can be incredibly fun to play, and can really take some time to get through since leveling is so slow and most play cautiously. The rules are known, and if they are not, they are told usually at the start of every game. But if the most basic rules are easy to follow, don't go down the other lanes and push or farm in the jungle, and don't just run into the team repeatedly to feed. If someone starts doing that mid-way through they just ruined a good time for 9 others that enjoyed that first 25--30 minutes and is now no fun. If a Troll joins someones custom game, he shouldn't feel safe to troll and ruin the whole game experince because he didn't do well and was feeling cheeky now.

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I don't like to use metaphors with people I don't know personally, because usually they're really only based on perspective. It's like art, either you see artists' intent or you make your own, and the message is different to all that experience it.

By my logic, comparing it to the gym, I see it as someone entering someone else's private gym in their own garage and complaining that the big buff dudes that always hang out there are making fun of the newcomer's wimpy arms. I see matchmaking as the gym membership, and custom games as the home gym.

I'm not saying there are not negative communities in custom games, but the Tribunal is not the proper way to deal with them.

The problem doesn't stem from the negative players, but it lies solely with the players who find themselves in these negative experiences. PVP.net does not provide players with the means to find communities they would like. It leaves them to search through hundreds or thousands of players to find the ones they like, and are provided with nothing but a glorified IM friends list to track them. The clan systems that were promised in late beta have yet to come into fruition. The closest thing we have to it now are ranked teams, and while they are a step in the right direction, they are a far cry from what I had hoped would ultimately be implemented.
Consider many FPS games, and the clans that play them. Players are left to find servers they like, and are free to add them to a list or write them down. There are administrators to police the servers, and the regular players who make it their main arena for play.

League of Legends offers no such stability or familiarity, and we are left to put a lot more effort into finding a community, due to the nature of pvp.net and the whole of it's capabilities as far as community goes. Most players will simply queue up for games or join one of many random custom games, and are unwilling to put in any effort to find players that they actually enjoy playing with, simply content to report players they don't like because hoping that the company will remove those they find undesirable, rather than removing themselves from the atmosphere that creates these negative experiences.

The tribunal in custom games would be akin to going to a privately owned specialty gym(custom games with subjectively rude players) and telling the manager(report feature) about every person that offends you, when you could easily do a little research or put in an effort to find someone that has a comfortable home gym with a pleasant atmosphere(clans or communities that do custom games, irc channels, etc), or just take the easy way out and go to Planet Fitness(matchmaking, normal, ranked) where they have a lunk alarm(Tribunal) to prevent any offense.

Did I mention I don't like to use metaphors with people I don't know personally?

Your response is fair, and well thought-out. I apologize for using a metaphor. I used it to aid understanding, not to make any implication about your sense of fairness. I brought up the example because I consider the gym to be a public place, but where I have to pay for the privilege of being there, sort of like a a restaurant, or an online game (yes, even a free online game). I used the example because, obviously, I feel the gym should have a policy against harassing other gym members (Mine does). I used the example because you're right, I can choose which gym I go to, just like I can choose which online game to play.

I guess I'm saying I choose to play LoL because of the Tribunal. There's a clear policy against harassment, even if it still goes on. I like the fact that I'm seeing the general atmosphere improve, to the point where I'm thinking about asking my gf to give it another try. I credit this improvement to the Tribunal.

I do wholeheartedly agree with you about communities within LoL. If there's a feature missing right now, that's it. (that and replays, which are imminent, right?) There are custom channels, by the way. Finding out about them--I think you can go to the "Clan Recruiting" forums. Finding a group of people I like to play with would be grand, but until that feature arrives, I would like Tribunal to apply to custom games. I mean, even though it's strictly true I can pick which custom games I want to play, I have to go in, check the players in there against my "rude player" list, and then decide if I want to stay. Surely you're not saying that this is a reasonable work-around? It would take even longer to find a custom game. (completely unrelated: for some reason I'm immediately kicked from custom games these days. I don't think people want ranked, in my case poorly ranked, players in their games)