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So you go into a game and there's a guy who says "enjoy the negative elo, I'm feeding" and picks revive tele twitch. A guy dodges. Then you try to click that little red X at the top but you can't because it lags that one second it takes for them to remake the queue and you're paired with this guy again, causing a chain of dodges which you can do nothing about until you dodge during champ select and lose elo.

I would suggest that people actually be given a chance to leave games in which others are intentionally trying to make them lose. How about each time the queue is remade, for the next 10 seconds, you can leave queue without losing elo/ getting a 5 minute penalty, even if the game has been made?

Another, better option would be to completely remove requeue. This has the added bonus of making sure that afkers do not get put back into the queue system.

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I like that second paragraph there. If someone dodges immediately when the queue starts it's not very annoying, so they don't really have to be punished.

I don't agree with removing the requeue completely, though, because that would mean every time someone dodges, you go back to the end of the line. Right now, you get to go to the front of the line if someone dodges. A better solution for getting rid of AFKers that I've seen posted here is to just to not requeue anyone who doesn't speak or select a champion before the timer runs out.