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Anivia Mini-Guide with Tips and Tricks

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I am going to spare everyone the skill run down and all that jazz and skip ahead to the good stuff... If you need a break down on what her skills do or what the base damage numbers are read another guide first. This is going to be quick and dirty.

Remember this guide is just suggestions that have served me well in the past - this is not "The Bible of Anivia"

What is Anivia to your team?
Anivia begins as a powerful burst damage queen, but later on becomes a heavy slower with supportive damage and also a pusher/counterpusher. She is thus because her FF and FB do good damage early but without a high damage Ult she cannot continue to do heavy damge past the 35-40 min mark. That is the time of the carries - support them.

I prefer my reds and yellows to be mana regen - I know they are secondary runes, but nothing in red really helps that much and yellows are only good for life or armor otherwise... I just prefer mana regen simply because there is a severe shortage of it in this game for a caster like Anivia.

The Glyphs should be a mix of a few Clarities (Mp5/18) and Spell Penetration or AP... I prefer spell penetration but her AP scales are pretty solid so you aren't losing as much going that route. Quints are again spell penetration, but if you like AP go for it.

Summoner Spells:
Teleport - no quetion here - she is one of, if not the slowest champ in the game. Tele is going to get you into ganks and clashes, not to mention back to lanes for push/counterpush.

Flash - I like flash alot because it gets you out of nasty situations you are bound to get in with your piss poor move speed (MS). Although Ghost is an option 35% of a small number is another small number.

Heal - makes you more supportive but with your general range and general fragility it doesn't help as much as flash for a survival spell
Clarity - recall + tele will give you full mana, but in a pinch I suppose it could work... also remember that it is a supportive spell and you are more likely to be out of mana than your comrades... so it becomes a waste when you want it.
- I have only used this a few times and feel that its damage is "situational" it might get you a kill or it might get you nothing at all.
Revive - Why res quicker when you can't get anywhere quickly anyway... late game your tele should be off CD by the time you come back... then you just saved all that time gliding back to your team. VERY situational

The rest are just really poor ideas for many reasons... mostly because flash + tele used correctly will do the same thing and will be more versatile all game.

Skill build:
1: Flash Frost (FF) your Q skill
2: Frostbite (FB) E skill
3: FF
4: FB
5: FF
6: Glacial Storm (GS) - the Ult
7+ : Max FF and FB first (lvl 1 GS will do until those are maxed) then finish with Crystallize (Wall)

FAQs on skill build:
1: Why not FF, FB, FB? - The nerf to FB range makes it harder to hit with although it is the more powerful spell. Maxing FF early ensures backrow creep killing at level 4 of FF (even lvl 3 with high AP)
2: Why not a level of Wall early - because we aren't jungling and the width at lvl 1 is not wide enough to do much at all... also its hard to lock ppl in the wall now since the recent patch... more luck than skill.

Item Build: IN ORDER
1: Sapphire Crystal + heal pots (initial buy)
2: TEAR OF THE GODDESS - very important
3: Boots
> Amp tome
= Sorc Boot
4: Sapphire Crystal
> Ruby
> Catalyst the Protector
> Blasting wand
= Rod of Ages
5: Blasting wand
+ tear we have
= Arch Angels

The rest of the build is situational but here are some suggestions
Frozen Heart - If you are up against alot of physcial tanks and DPS you want the armor and the aura. The -CD will allow you to spam more FF and FB
Z-Ring - If you are lucky enough that the other team is not focus firing you you should power up your AP - 1000 damage FB and 300+ per sec GS is no joke.
Abysmal Scepter - Other than FF all your spells will be in range of the -MR aura. But keeping yourself in there is a dangerous proposition.
Lich Bane - Not a personal favorite, but I see where people who use it are coming from. The longer CD of your spells makes for a good time to use auto attack... but its a personal choice.

I would have to say no to Rylai (more slow?) and Melaj (Too late to max it out by the time we get it).

Item justification: (because someone is going to bitch about it)
1: Sapphire over Dorans, Meki, MM: I am going to same this one time and bold it because it is very important: MANA POOL > Mana Regen on Anivia. Glacial storm consumes mana like a fat kid at a Twinkie factory. There is no amount of mana regen that is going to stop this... and to make matters worse you are often going to be casting FF and FB DURING GS! That is a whole lot of mana suck. So this is why we get Sapphire first... because our runes give Mp5 and because we want Tear ASAP to increase our mana pool.

2: Why not shoot for Arch Angels right away, Mr, Mana-Pool-Asshole? For a few reasons: Rod of ages is probably our only health item and we should get it before we get stomped on. Rod of Ages gains power over time... so we had better get it started to maximize. And lastly, because Tear has a cap on how much mana you can gain per spell cast... but you should have RoA done right around the time that caps out... Arch Angels does not have a cap on it... and if we are all about mana pool... the +4 mana per spell cast is more important than the AP and Regen off the item itself.

3: Why so much AP? and not -CD or something else? The AP is actually a welcome secondary effect of RoA and Archangels. We really just wanted the Mana for those two items, but the rest is a great icing on the cake. Also, FF CD is the only spell you get good returns on with -CD. FB CD is short as is and so is GS - 40% of a small number is a small number. Also, its not so much that I need to be spamming these spells as fast as possible (like annie) its using them correctly as support or for a kill.


General FYI:
Anivia has a skill shot for her primary damage and initiator... those people who have problems predicting movement patterns and/or lag issues should not play her - you will miss your FF constantly and lose your initiative.

GOLEM BUFF IS YOUR FRIEND! - When you hit level 6 and have (near) full mana you should immediately go do golem. Drop GS on him and spam FB on him until GS kills off the other two... then I usually use FF+FB combo to kill him off. Speccing to Utility and getting the +30% time to neutral buffs isn't a bad idea. With that kind of Mana regen you can really let loose with GS and FF to clear a tower.... or two.

As soon as you have the cash for your Tear go on the offensive and blow all your mana - you want the tear to begin accumulating "charges" and why go back to base with any mana? If you die there is no monetary penalty and the death timer is short early... teleport back to lane.

Skill Tips/Tricks
1) FF is kinda weird right now... the projectile actually needs to be through and even a bit past the targets before the "pass-through" damage is caused. Be mindful of that when exploding it.

2) The trick to landing the FF + FB combo early is all about positioning. Position yourself so you have a shot at your target with no minions between you and them within 300 range of the target... as you cast FF move toward your opponent (do not click on him or you will just auto attack) as the "bolt" passes through blow it up to stun/dmg. You should already be moving toward your target. As the stun wears off you should be very close to being in range of FB shot... they are slowed so you should have no trouble getting it off. Then retreat... wash, rinse, repeat.

3) If you didn't know FB will proc the 2x dmg from Ashe's Frost or NuNu's Frost spells. Use this to your advantage.

4) Like Sivir never use FF to harass your opponent (unless your are also FBing) unless you are also killing a low health creep or two with it at the same time. In the same regard... never use FF to kill a single creep unless your are also hitting an opponent. Never throw a stone unless you are killing more than one bird.

5) Although the slow of GS got nerfed (pray it makes a return) it does make a great tool for escaping... throw it down on your path out to force chasers over it... should give you a head start.

6) Level 1 Wall is useless... level 3 will easily block a jungle path if laid correctly and lvl 5 will almost block the entrance to a base. Wall also has pretty epic range.

7) Wall can still lock people inside it... while extremely difficult to do ... its always a good idea when the rest of your skills are on CD and you need something screw with ppl.

8) Since minions have collision and the Wall does as well try to lock enemies in with their creeps when in tower range - using the creeps, your wall, and a natural barrier like a turret or lane wall.

9) GS scares the crap out of ppl... if you are the only person defending a turret against a superior force... just drop it in front of the turret - at least the minions will die. Heroes tend to believe you have friends coming too.... which I hope is the case.

10) FF range is actually just past the graphical range shown when casting. Meaning that if you put ranged creeps on the border of your spell ring when you cast it... it will pass through them and explode on the other side of them... dealing both damage points... so effectively the edge of the ring will offer both dmg points and requires no micro.

Best friends - to gank with.
Ryze and Morgana both have solid lockdowns that keep enemies inside your GS and allow you to spam FB without them escaping you. With ryze have him initiate and with Morgana you should... because her lock down is a skill shot and its easier when they are stunned. If you miss its ok... if she misses its a failed gank.

Obviously Ashe and NuNu are friends because of the permafrost you can inflict and the power FB's. Ashe's Ult is also great for more GS time.

Enemies - Scary!
Veigar... and Ult with dmg based on mana?... Ouch!

The Sticks - Your (lack of) MS and his drain and storm sucks. Lets not forget he can silence you too.

Kassadin - He can flash over Walls and GS and dodge FF... oh and he has silence, a slow, and reaps mana as dmg.... awesome.

Soraka - not so much scary as a pain in the ass. A long silence and mana burner, plus her heals really hurt harassment.

Health Stackers.... your FF/FB combo is a scratch on the paint and your GS just tickles... at this point hope your carry can take them and you just slow them down.

More to come as I think of it... just wanted to get this down

Please post any other tips and tricks you have found with her

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i dunno about you, but I HAVE to have at least two levels into wall after level 6. It is an amazing spell, and currently the only (I think ?) terrain altering spell in the game, and should be used frequently. Using wall properly is a HUGE part of being a good anivia, and to ignore its use early game, (where it is sometimes most useful) your gimping yourself.

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That is definitely a valid point but it alters early/mid game play when your FF/FB is strongest. It makes you a better support but (in most cases) a weaker killer. It's how YOU want to play it.

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I actually go with pure mana regen runes and spec. In my items I go for 1 philosophers stone and 2 archangel's staffs right away (after run boots of course). This amounts to over 100 mana per 5 at level 18. And I can actually keep up on mana while burning Anivia's ultimate constantly as my main source of damage, especially for minion slaying. Of course you have to turn it on, shoot your frostbite, and then turn it right off again (unless they stay in, of course). This build places her mainly as a minion killer, yet still able to do decent damage to champions. The minion killing is especially important for helping champions like Ryze that get screwed up by their spells hitting the minions.

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You should really try Mejai's Soulstealer, it gives you the enemy champion's mana when you kill him and is a good source of mana throughout the whole game, especially useful for sustaining your mana pool for team fights, a klll can keep you going till another kill.

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@ Ambi
I have tried the Mejai's, but I found getting it early hurts either my Arch Angels or Rod of Ages.... both of which I find to be better for her - just personal opinion. By the time I get Majai's after that I get fewer kills, but it is an option - the AP on it is no joke.