Janna Whirlwind Bugs

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Sometimes Janna's 'Q' skill, when used, doesn't show the whirlwind animation, while it does show the dust trail. This frequently happens after fast casting, without letting it fully charge.

Also frequently, 2-5 times per match, it will not toss creeps and champions into the air, or even do damage for that matter. Range is not an issue as the whirlwind travels right over the mobs.

Is it intended that whirlwind doesn't knock up shielded targets? I know when Jannas shields herself she can be affected by slow and poison, though she doesn't necessarily take the damage.

When whirlwind is cast is it supposed to travel to the edge of the circle or stop before it reaches? Sometimes it seems like it doesn't travel as far as it is supposed to.

I can post more information later if needed.