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Twitch-crit build

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runes-i go crit chance and dmg

debilitating poison
in that order, and i get his ult right when i can, idk why everyone bitches about it, use it to kill mobs and get gold and xp at low lvls and when you are done getting all his items and are lvl 18 it can kill off an entire team in less then 10 sec

items-i go for boots of moblity first, give me 420 speed when im stealth which helps ganking a lot

3x averive blades, gives crit chance and gold so you can get items faster, you should be up to 50% crit chance with all 3

phantom dancer gives 30% crit, and great atk speed and dodge and movement, in stealth with this you will be moving around freaking fast

inf edge next, the dmg and more crit chance, once you ge this you are pretty much killing everyone in 5 sec, your crit is 100%, buy the BF sword for the last slot in your items, and it will only cost around 2200 to finish buying this

sell one avarice blade and get excutioners calling, life steal and crit, still at 100%

sell another blade and get bloodrazor, crit drops to around 85% without runes but this item is too good to pass up with its stats

sell last blade, if you have been dying a lot, then get frozen mallet for the health, if you have been pro and not dying get atma's impaler, with atmas you go back up to around 95% crit chance, they will both give you about the same dmg increase which is around 20 and the mallet gives you the hp and slow, the slow is nice but with this build you dont really need it, but with it your crit chance will drop to about 75-80%

by the time i get inf edge ill be hitting 450-500 each hit, this build works wonders for me and i actually stopped playing twitch cause it got kinda boring just going around 5 hitting people, you should be able to beat every champ 1 v 1, the only one that gave me trouble was ryze with his ult rdy, and even he wont matter if you get flash cause then you can just cancle his ult out when he uses it by flashing to another spot

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infinitys edge before phantom c_C

buy the zeal alone first, then get infinitys

the way you are suggesting....you basically spend your first 6,000 gold with effectively no notable increase in damage (yes crits are nice....but they are still only 2x of like 70 attack.....junk)