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Kog'Maw HELP MEH please

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Senior Member


managen runes 4tw! but you don't even need much AP to hit hard. lvl3 E is 110 without any AP after all...

you call 110 damage hard? i call it 2 auto attacks.

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Contagious Cure



I don't think enough people appreciate his ridiculous 50% armor-pen. Throw in a last whisper and armor becomes completely obsolete.

As for his ult, I only ever use it to snipe blue pillers from bushes, finish runners, damage clusters in team fights or for vision. I don't spam it like Karthus's ult so I can manage to get by without chalice. A meki (which laters turns into nashor's tooth) is really all I need. Guinsoos is rather good. Fully stacked it adds about 2% to your inbuilt bloodrazor and the damage and attack speed is also nice.