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Pre-arranged games for practice.

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Ok, so I am tired of doing normal games where I cannot test/practice/play the champion I want too, against decent opponents in a real game. Recently I played a few normal games (blind pick or I wouldn't get my champion...draft doesn't care what I want!) and the games were horrible.

While looking at your laning ability in these games is fine, but when you lane against someone who succesfully ganked bottom and has a much better jungler, it is hard to say YOU lost your lane.

But thats fine, people are out to win the games. That is the point of the game when we play right? Well, what if there was a way we could just practice something? Thats what I want to see about setting up, a place to play, practice and especially, discuss.

Have you ever played a table-top wargame? I'll assume no, but at the end of each game, it is generally encouraged you sit and talk with your opponent about what happened with the game. No this isn't the time to trash talk, look at what happened, see what both sides did well and could do better. That is something I miss and wish internet games could encourage but more than likely I get "GG NOOBS" when I lose. Not, "You laned really well and last hit alright, but you need to harass less and stop pushing your lane. Your hard pushing eventually led to that gank which casued you to lose your tower and gave me free roam to gank other lanes easily."

Which is more valuable to a player? Well, I want to see about setting up something like that up. Basically, I am looking for 9 more people (or more, which I will set up in an excel if I have too) and have scrims. The point of the scrims is to practice. Not win. Do 3 people want to practice their solo laning while they have an actual jungle going around? Sure, lets set up a 4v4 then. 3 mages vs 3 mages? Go for it, it isn't about the win, it is about reasonably fair practice. Same with jungling, as there are junglers in normal games!

I've done some 1v1 against a friend testing some champions in lane. Learned a lot from it (Olaf is terrifying up top..) and found it exceptionally valuable. So I want to fill this out more and in a more "natural" enviroment (like a jungler to balance out our pushing).

I would look into setting up a teamspeak of some kind, I believe most people use Skype? And run it 1-2 times a week on the weekends primarily or friday nights. Because this is an international community, those times are going to be CST in North America.

The game would be agreed upon by both teams (bans aren't needed and counter-picking is discouraged, that isn't the point here). BUT if 2 teams want to do that process, that is up to them. I'll just see about setting it up. You play, game finsishes and then the 10 of you get together and talk about the game. Let everyone know what they did right and wrong. Obviously LOL replays are encouraged for this. Plus it might give you a sense of what it would be like to play on a ranked team. Something not many get to really try.

Would anyone be interested in this? Or am I wasting my time?

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Tormenter of Pa

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I Think something like this would be very beneficial to the community, especially to new players trying to find characters they are good at and learning how to use them properly. Currently I am only using 1 character and i end up doing bad when someone else picks that character on my team. With that I am trying to experience new characters without doing bad and making my team possibly lose by doing so. So yes, i believe this idea ^^ could be very beneficial and i would love to see it happened.