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A good tanking guide?

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A little background on me so this makes more sense: I've never even watched DotA, so my MOBA experience is limited to the time I've spent with this game. Other than that, I'm a hardcore gamer with lots of FPS/RTS/TBS experience. I've been playing about 3 hours a night (minimum) for a week now. I'm getting better, and I can play a pretty decent Veigar. I'm starting to win more battles with my teams than I lose when I play a couple of characters.

However, anytime I play a non-ranged champ, I get ganked pretty terribly. I'm not entirely sure what I can do about it, because for most of the game I'm relegated to either standing way back and not being able to last hit, crippling me late game, or attempting to push for exp and getting ganked. This seems to be a pretty common theme, and even if I use my abilities, I die before either one goes down, and then they run before the other person I'm laning with can slow them down.

I'm having a lot of fun playing ranged characters, but sometimes I just want to sling a big axe around, ya know? Perhaps there is a tank guide here, but I haven't found it.

My main question seems to revolve around how to last hit early in game to get items without being ganked repeatedly.

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any specific hero's in mind? alot of melee hero's run with different last hitting options.

but ill give you the generals.

For the *most* part...your last hit potential is dictated solely on a couple aspects:

-Who you are AGAINST .. and subsequently, how aggressive they are
this is probably the #1 most important factor...some hero's are just extremely capable of punishing any melee'r that comes in even for something as simple as a last hit attempt.
Examples of these: Ryze (rune prison+overload+shots) Morgana (dark binding++tormented soil+shots)
Ashe (volley+1 or 2 shots) Katarina (shunpo+1 hit+bouncing blades hurts...mana free so very spammable) Fiddlesticks (fear+life drain/dark wind+ shots of dark wind) etc. etc.

Basically anyone capable of snaring you or putting out big damage on short moments (which accounts for about 55-70% of the hero's in the game sadly)

So really...surviving melee'rs is all about experience, the more you do it, the more you will understand when you belong in combat, and when you dont...or when to insert yourself into combat.
*The methods of doing so are highly based on what hero you are playing however!*

And who you are WITH:

Basically anyone capable of punishing someone for punishing you (Morgana, Blitzcrank, Ryze, Veigar etc)

so really without specific heros in mind its kind of hard to give a better idea...lots of melee heros do have ways to get kills..but all specific =/

having knowledge of what all the hero's can do is also extremely important for playing melee as you need to know what you are potentially running into =P