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Champion Spotlight: Ahri, the Nine-Tailed Fox

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I don't know what the big deal is. everyone seems to compare Ahri to LeBlanc and keeps on saying how OP Ahri is.

Yes her charm is a good spell to have but lets face it. It is a skill shot and you can dodge that easily by moving left or right or be safe by staying behind a minion. This is the same for other skill shots such as stuns (lux and morganna) or grabs (Blitz). If you are dumb enough to run away in a straight line and get caught, then you have it coming.

If you compare the character stats of Ahri and LeBlanc, LeBlanc's stats are much higher and thus dish out more damage. This also goes for other mages such as Ryze. If you think Ahri is OP (with just the charm and her slightly low damage output), then by definition LeBlanc is really OP.

Come on people. Look at the bigger picture here

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ahri's q is way to op they need to remove the true damage out of it and make it just magic damage in and out

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First post looks broken.

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What happened to more damage getting closer to the target? :/

Good call ... I had forgotten about this fact.

Riiiiioooooott ?

We'd need an explanation now !

so what did ever happen to that concept riot???

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Going to post in here since this thread wont get closed instantly. Ahri is extreamely powerful and everyone calls her OP that I've meet. I would agree with them but here is the thing and this is why she isn't, infact she is severly UP.

MR counters her extremely hard and yes you can buy magic pen but that only helps so much. Once someone gets 100-150 MR which can be done easily she does almost no damage. Now people say "she has scaleing true damage L2P." Well let me tell you, her "scaleing true damage" does no more then an AD's auto attack so congrats on haveing no way to kill someone with MR because you true damage does little damage and the rest of your skills are usless.

She needs a buff on her damage. I'm fine with her true damage the way it is, it wouldnt be a good idea to buff that, but the rest of her skills AoE or not do way to little to be of any use against anyone smart enough to buy MR.