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karthus vs. ezreal

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Ok, Assume this Karthus and Ezreal has some random gay way of having Skill-Shot Hacks and they will never miss a single shot for some reason other than that their abilities have some awesome homing missle thing attached to them.

Also, I'll do some stupid thing like give them some random optimal build or something. Lets say, Karthus with nothing and Ezreal with nothing sounds good? PERFECT!

Also, since at lvl 18, theres only a 1 armor difference between Ezreal and Karthus, I'll just negate both Magic Resistance and Armor damage since their near exactly the same for both characters. Now, lets see...

Level 18 Ezreal : 1790 Health
Level 18 Karthus : 1740 Health

How fast it would be for Ezreal to Kill Karthus:

112.2+140 = 1 mystic shot
275 = Essence Flux
280 = Arcane Shift
650 = True Shot Barrage

finishing that whole combo does 1317.2 damage over a time of about 3 seconds. However, since Mystic shot is reduced 1 second per usage of spell

1317.2+252.2 = 1569.4 + 102 + 102 = 1773.4 damage effectively killing Karthus

The amount of time to do each attack is 1 second per attack at lvl 18, therefore it would take around 5-6 seconds to burst Karthus Down for the death.

Now onto Karthus's burst to kill Ezreal.
120 = Lay waste
110 = Defile
550 = Requiem

So, since Laywaste and Defile both do damage by the second and can be done at the same time, lets add both of these together shall we?


120+110=230 a second
Also, For Karthus's sake, lets just say that he somehow uses his ultimate first and Ezreal doesn't go back to heal because he's a G. lol


550 + 230 +230 +230 +230 +230 = 1700

However, Ezreal has 1790 HP!, therefore there needs 1 more laywaste/Defile making it 1930.

This is total would take 5 seconds in order to partake.

Therefore, it would relatively be Karthus who would take the kill in this situation. However, lets just say that Karthus decides, hey, lets not ult first and wait until I die! It would take Karthus 2 more seconds to down Ezreal taking a total of 7 seconds.

In this case, Ezreal would get the first kill, but karthus would very well be able to get in the kill right after with his requiem.

I also don't feel like going through the time and calculating Magic Resistance into this since Karthus's wall does decrease magic resistance. However, if anyone would like to calculate it in

The formula is

Magic Resistance / (100 + Magic Resistance) = % reduced

Armor = 75
Magic Resistance = 30

Armor = 74
Magic Resistance = 30

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Nihil Sine Nefas

Senior Member


When are you ever going to see a level 18 Ezreal and Karthus, with no items, stand there hitting all their skill shots in a real game? It's a nice analysis, but it doesn't really apply to actual in game situations.

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Senior Member


Doesn't lay waste do double damage if it's on a single target...?

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Senior Member


also aren't you forgetting that ez's passive gives him about 1.5 - 2 attacks per second?
it's like saying let's calculate who's gonna win between yi and annie, now for simplicity's sake let's assume yi doesn't auto-attack.

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Senior Member


I think Kirk would win because he is so tough from going on all those away missions. Plus he does combat with Spock a lot and Picard almost never practices his hand to hand battle skills.

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Senior Member


late game karthus
at start and mid game ezra