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[Plaftorm] Huge bug with spectating in customs

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Priority: As big as possible

Bug: When becoming spectator in a custom game (as in changing from a team to spectator) and then leaving to join the queue, if you get a game and the custom game you were spectating started too, when you click play now you'll get the spectating view on the custom game instead of the game you are in.

1) Log in
2) join a custom game in any team
3) start once and someone leave (not sure if needed)
4) go to the spectators
5) leave the custom game
6) queue up for a SR blind pick 5 vs 5
7) get a match while the custom game you were in before has started and is in champ selection
8) click play now, you should get the screen of spectator in the custom game's champ selection

this seems to bug the patcher too, im currently rebooting my laptop.

EDIT: Confirmed, it bugs the patcher for some reason and leaves the PBE saying "Status: undefined" till you reset your pc.