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[Guid] Malzahar - The Mad Mage of the Void

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Junior Member


build i have been successful with:
haunting guise
arch staff
ionian boots
more AP, or guardian angel, or MP depending on the other team

AP glyphs
Health Seals
AP or MP marks

Max out Q and E first, E being most important. Start game with E. Q does a sheet ton of damage if you learn how to use it properly. Mal's ult is a great root tool for your team to gang bang an opponent, or save your teammate running away with low health.. Also great to use when you are low health near a turret, enemy gets close thinking they will finish you off, root them with your ULT next to a turret and watch them die in 2 seconds.

combo: E W R, finish them off with a Q, if they are running away, or trying to hack on you

I average 10 to 20 kills a game with this build

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Senior Member


pretty sure the skill is called NULL ZONE.
null SPHERE is kassadins ranged silence