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5v5 Team Ladder Search Function

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Hey guys, before I get flamed for placing this here, I know its really the wrong forum, but its the best place to get it seen, and the best fit behind competitive discussion and the GD hellhole. I think it would be nice to input the ability to search the team ladder by summoner name, and come up with all the teams they're a member of. i know this is possible to do in pvp.net, but its just a nice quality of life type change that may or may not be way hard to program. I know the PBE mates are much better about pretty much everything than either of those forums, so I was hoping for some feedback and maybe a red saying they forwarded it to the programmers and system engineers to think about including. its obviously not a high priority inclusion because of the capability to look up anyone you want in pvp.net, but just something to throw in there.

Thanks Everyone!