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Latency/Freezing issues while playing.

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To Riot debugging team,

I keep getting these latency issues from time to time. It happens without notification where all of a sudden the screen freezes for 1-2 seconds, I lose control of my character which means he either follows to hit something without me telling him to do so.. or he goes straight for the tower or the opposing team.

For example this happens when opposing team either cast a spell like Amumus bandage toss from within the fog of war (where I can't see him) or Ryze's rune prison. As you can see the rest that follow is a 100% guaranteed death since you have no way of knowing what hit you until after you die or 2 seconds into the fight.

I wanted to post this as it's becoming game breaking and it started with the patch 2 weeks ago. Things have gotten better with the latest patch but it's still happening from time to time.

I am located in the NE part of US on a VERIZON FIOS line and bandwidth is not an issue. Also no I wasn't downloading anything during the game.