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[Platform] shift+enter= Werid message

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El Tarro de Atun



Priority: Major

Label: Platform, Chat

Description: When using Shift+Enter to send "To All" message, appears this message: "game_console_chatcommand_long_all_englis".

Repro Steps

1- Normal Summoners Rift Game
2- In-game press Shift+Enter (to send a message to all)
3- Done, now you and your allies see a werid message

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Friendly Cadaver

Senior Member


Ya, I've noticed this too. However, in the normal servers (non-PBE) this does not happen. So it may just be a PBE thing.

A way to get around this is to just hit enter then type what you want and click on "Send to all". It is annoying but it is the only way on PBE currently