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[SPECIAL REQUEST] The background on Shurelia's stream

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This is an unusual request, but I felt I should make it anyways because of how good the images are.

If anyone has been to Shurelia's stream, you probably saw the background images of Lux and Sona, which match the decals on Randuin's car (as seen below):


I just know there's got to be some way to get full poster versions of those images, but using a background image rip from the site doesn't produce very good results (BIG BLACK AREA IN THE MIDDLE). Unfortunately, I have no idea how I'd go about it.

So if it's at all possible, does anyone think they might be able to check around and see if there's a way to get the full versions of those Lux and Sona images? That'd be really sweet.

EDIT: I'd have asked Shurelia herself, but I don't know how to contact her since she left Riot.

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Here is her youtube. She has links to her Twitter and Formspring

( http://www.youtube.com/user/Shurelia )