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2012 Calendar For LOL

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i am GhostSilver and this is my first real work so i hope you like it

thats a 2012 calendar made from LOL champs with main NightBlade Irelia CN splash and Blade Mistress Morgana skins and the stamps was from Kaiokhen topic here :


i am going to print them nw and make them wall calendars
thats 2 versions of it differ only the colors .. so wat do u think ?!

well .. since its CMYK (for printing) the wep colors is kinda disturbed so thats the link of the 2 pic u can download it and see the true colors

and the last one is for my team is with our team LOGO TNT: the normal teeters ...
made by me and the logo was made by 7anafy the fish

hope u like and enjoy