Difficult path of proving Eve/TW is viable in solo queue and tribunal system

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Hi All
I main these 2 champs and got myself from 1200 to1792.

The reason I’d like to prove that EVE/TW is viable in 1700+ is not only because I love the challenge of playing them, but also I believe whether a champ is good or not is mainly depends on the player, even when the champs are the most unwelcome ones.
I do aware of the shortcomings of these 2 champs, but, as I stated, as long as you have the correct knowledge of the game and always beware of the situation, you should be able to climb the ladder to 1700+ with ANY champ.
However, it wasn’t an easy path. It wasn’t easy not because of the shortcomings of these 2 champs, but the perception of the champs from the players and LoL community. I have been banned 4 times just because I play these 2 champs. It doesn’t even matter that I have 60% of winning rate and KDA 2.5 (a lot higher in early game, but even out late game) with them. People blame the lost on you no matter what. They think you are trolling and intentionally feeding just because you pick these 2 champs. The worst part was they would report you not only for offensive language if you said anything back (no swears), but also for refuse to communicate/cooperate if you decided to say nothing back to them when they wrongfully blame you for the lost.
Today I would still like to use these 2 champs to prove that they are viable in 1800+, but found out I am banned for the 4th time, for 2 weeks. I can’t say I am not surprised or frustrated. No system is perfect, imo tribunal system does provide goods to this community, but I would still like to point out some of the concerns about tribunal system.

  1. The criteria of choosing a judge – it’s unclear.
  2. The evidence provided – besides dialog, and FINAL kda, there is just too little to tell what really happened.
  3. Voting system – voting only works IF the accused can defend his/herself. Otherwise, it is just one sided story and bias voting result.

Just my 2cent on the system, and hope I can show the community my rank with 1800+ pix 2 weeks later.