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Nidalee's late game

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nidalee helps in poke standoffs, but suffers in the 5v5 "everyone in" brawl because she's squishy as hell.

the thing you can try is, her cougar doesn't really scale that well so you don't lose much by building for survivability. it might help in being able to last in the fights long enough to get some enemy down and reach the straggler chasing phase that she's so good at.

i have had good success with a tankier nida as opposed to a full AP

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For late game what I do in team fights is set a trap between their melee DPS and our carries, Heal whoever is in the frontline, fling spear at a carry and go cougar to finish off people when they begin to retreat.

My item build is:

Doran's Ring, HP Pot
Sheen / Merc Threads
Guinsoo's Rageblade

From here on if I'm doing well I'll finish the Sheen into a Lich Bane, if not I'll skip it to make a Frozen Heart if their team is DPS heavy or a Banshee's Veil if caster heavy then either finish the Lich Bane or build Rylai's if I feel I need the extra HP.

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If you're having trouble surviving after a jump in with cougar form, a ryalis helps wonders as well. It gives you much needed survivability, and with quite a few skills that proc the rylai slow, it often helps with getting kills