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Map Concept

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Hello Summoners!

I had this sudden urge to make something a few days back, and it crossed my mind an idea for a map... Since I’ve got 0 experience in 3D modeling, designing and what so ever needed to create a map I made what people might call a rough sketch =/
Excuse me if I end up offending anyone with my poor eye candy x.x I DID TRY, I swear :<

Anyways this is how I envisioned the gameplay:

1- Of course the point is to destroy the enemies nexus. (There’s two ways of doing it)

1.1 - By destroying the enemies towers and inhibitors (through conventional means) and getting to their Nexus.

1.2 - By capturing the relic as many times possible leading to a spawn of “Promote” minions that helps push both lanes. (One each lane of course)

2- A relic can be found on the middle section of the map. (which spawns once every 5 minutes starting as soon as the game hits 2 minutes length) or (it could work as a quest and be “active” at a totally random time).

2.1 – This relic would be captured just like dominion capture points.

2.2 – Capturing it would not only give a bonus gold to the team that got it but also spawn 1 big fellow in each lane to help pushing. (The first relic wouldn’t spawn a big minion but instead give a little bit more gold then the following ones.)

3- The Inhibitors are located outside of the main base.

3.1 – Destroying them enables the spawn of the big minions, (if captured a relic after the inhibitor is down 1 extra minion will be added).

3.2 – Unlike Crystal Scar and Twisted Tree line in order to be able to destroy the Nexus both Inhibitors must be brought down.

4 – Sorry but I didn’t put much though into the jungle I know this is one huge factor on how the game might develop but ideas for it didn’t drop on my brain unlike the rest, still I placed the buffs near the middle of the lanes where both teams would have equal access making it so engaging in fights would be more likely to happen.

As a Player:

I’d expect the game to be more “brawl” oriented considering teams will be fighting for the relic starting at minute 2, which means both teams would most likely engage at level one. (Some might not like this idea and I do understand why but I personally like level 1 Smack downs)

Also the fact that the Inhibitors are located outside of the Base in my opinion it could possibly make teams not only be more aggressive but at the same time extra cautious and defensive which consequently could result in more fights game wise (Isn’t that what we all want?)

Relic Balance:

The relic should create some balance issues during the game if a team consistently keeps capturing it; still the fact that it spawns “Promote” minions would give a chance on the opposite team for players to counter that gold boost the relic capturing team has, by last hitting the big guy and getting extra gold from it. (Yes only the player that gets the kill gets the gold not the whole team)

As much as I’d like I am aware the functionalities of the map are nothing “brand new”.

Still what makes me think this would be a fun map to play?

1. I think it brings closer both genders riot as provided so far.

2. I believe it would be as much if not more team fight based (which I believe is good…)

3. The need for more maps makes it sound super enjoyable? :P

Sorry for the long post… Thank you all for your time, constructive feedback is welcome as always.

PS: Praise you if you read it all!

Note: ( The path lines on the drawing are just so people can view better how the map would be structured it does not mean they are composed of walls or what so ever…) ^.^

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This seems like a nice idea to combine the classic mode and dominion.

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I love seeing new maps made by the community. +1 from me.
If you wanted to look at my map i made, feel free to. (note - there is a lot of info on mine, its not a quick read.) It has pictures too.

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Will do thanks for the support ^^