The League of heroes: Chapter 6: Brown headed danger

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The smell of the sea rose into my nose as The Sapsorrow continued to sail to.......
"Wait, were Are we going?" I said to Graves as he cruised the ship.
"To the one place left for us to go, Ionia" He said with a cold voice.
"But i thought..."
"To get to the league, we have to go to Ionia first"
"Ill explain once I drop the anchor"
A few minutes later, the anchor was dropped and we went back to the captains room, whereas Graves took a map and showed me the continent of valron.
"Look, here we are, half way to the Ionian port. Once we get there, we have to grab the attention of Jarvan lightsheild the fourth. Once he understands that we are now fugitives, he can get some summoners to teleport us to the institute of war. After we pass the examination, we start our plan to stop Twisted fate's cone"
"And how are we supposed to get his attention?"
"They have a saying at the locker, we ain't got nothing but time to plan"

The port of Ionia was a place were not many people visit, perhaps because its people do not care much of sea transportation, unless if it were for extreme emergencies.
Graves wanted me to steal from a tomato stand, which i refused to do because it was a pathetic act. So we ended up stealing from a yordle who sold valuable hextech weapons.
Guards came out from everywhere and started attacking us with razor sharp swords.
out of the commotion, I saw the yordle was crying, and realized he was no older than 10 years old, 8 years younger than me.
After the battle, I payed the boy for all the weapons we stole, but he still cried.
"Whats wrong kid?"
"Its.. its.. its because your so kind"
"Dont cry"
"If you want to thank someone for being kind, then don't cry"
The yordle whipped his tears and made a bow, then left.

Unbeknownst to me, a girl with shining Armour and extremely long brown hair was watching me the whole time.
Suddenly, she jumped down with her sword, a sharp blade that had dragon like hilts, and swigged it in front of her.
I leap back and made a fireball.
"Whats the matter? cant hurt a girl with your fists?"
I throw it, but it completely missed.
The girl jumps forward and starts slashing her sword very rapidly, creating many cuts on my skin.
I grab her sword and look her in the eye, causing her to have malefic visions of her worst fears.
She quickly snaps out of it and stabs me in the chest.

Darkness falls and my power is leaving me as the brown headed danger looks over me.
"Pathetic Trash" She says.
Now i got really mad.
I turn my hands into the claw. I didn't care if the girl were to die or if I were to lose myself. As long as she learns not to call me trash.
"What did you say?"
"Your pathetic, a weak noxian like you shouldn't even still be alive"
I grab her by the through t and slam her to the ground.]
"Maybe its time I taught you some manners, eh?" I said with a crazed voice.
I put my finger on her eyebrows and pull it down, making a scar on her face.
The girl screamed.
I finally get back to my senses and move back.
The girl was young, and now I have hurt her, leaving a mark that will last forever. She was unconscious, so i picked her up and ran in the direction Graves went to.

To be continued in another thread........

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I like how you mutilate all of my characters...

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ME GUSTA... Really. I'm getting addicted to this...