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Originally Posted by Yousogreat View Post
Depends entirely on the enemy team's composition. If you're up against Champions who tend to get high HP like Vladimir, Mundo or Volibear

MBR can be an AMAZING item on Vayne, but only in a very specific window, that is only if the enemy team is high-hp *and* low resistance. Some others that fit in with Vlad, Mundo and Volibear include Jax, a HP Shen, and anyone who rushes Atmogs. By the time that they finish their Atmogs, you should already have the MBR (you will have the % damage before they can get the MR to counter the item, so you will absolutely melt their health away).

I would only recommend it against a team with 3 health whor*s though. It won't do you any more good against a glass cannon team. For example, it is good against casters who start RoA/Rylai's (note, high HP and low resists), but it is terrible against assassins or true burst champions (a.k.a. it's good against swain, but bad against a Veigar/Akali).

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Originally Posted by Phreak View Post
For some reason when I read this post I kept thinking you said Trinity Force. I literally read MBR as Trinity Force. I need help.

But to answer your question: MBR is good on "proc" based champions who have a lot of innate attack speed, have strong "bonus attack" abilities, or don't particularly scale off of other AD.

Examples of "attack speed" champions are Warwick and Kog'Maw
Some "bonus attack" champions are Shaco, Shyvana, and Renekton
Teemo is the poster child for champions who auto-attack but don't always buy AD.

So, as the above poster said
No Kayle? She's in such a good spot she gets ignored... I'm starting to think she got arrowed in the knee