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[Game] can't jump in spectate

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Priority: moderate

When i try to jump in spectate a friends game, it loads every champs load bar then sits there for 2 minutes until an error shows up saying "Unable to download spectator data. The game will now exit."

if this isn't happening to anyone else, i may have caused the problem myself, i had joined the match at the beginning and waited 2 minutes for the countdown timer to finish, after the game started i said to myself "why am i joining from the beginning!? i wanna jump in during the match!" so i quit, then when the prompt for whether to rejoin spectating the match or to quit i said quit, then i right clicked the guy again (could've been a different person in the same match) and clicked spectate, then the above error kept showing up.

TL:DR steps:
1. spectate match from beginning.
2. quit spectating match.
3. rejoin spectating match via the friend in the friends list (possibly a different friend in the same match)
4.wait for loading to finish, and bug to show up, about 2 minutes of waiting after the load.

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Same thing happened to me, following the same repro steps

I've attached a screenshot of the error message (with names blocked out)