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Should Fauna (Flora) be added to the Champion Roster?

Yes, with or without tweaks! 952 90.93%
NEVER! We don't need another support champion for now 95 9.07%
Voters 1047 .

Fauna: A Support Champion Suggestion

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Shouldn't this be on the Champion Concepts forum?

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vittu neekerit




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sounds op

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I like youre idea very much, but you do understand that this support outclasses every other support champ. At least that's my opinion
Heal - Check
CC - Check
Armor/Mres buff - Check
Tenacy - Check

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I like the idea, it seems like you really put some thought into this, which is good, especially since we need more support champs. However, the kit sounds a little overpowered to me. Maybe it could be good if it had relatively long cooldowns. I mean, a support that replenishes health and mana, CC, armor, MR, and movement speed buff, tenacity, AND a cleanse? It just seems like too much. It seems unrealistic. I like the ultimate being a cleanse idea, and the CC idea a lot. It seems like you tried to think of what you would want in a support and added that to the abilities, instead of thinking about what the other supports in the game have.

[x] Soraka has 2 heals, replenishes mana, and gives an armor buff and silence.
[x] Alistar has 2 CC abilities, (one of which is uncleansable, which is nice), heals, and has a cleanse.
[x] Taric has a stun, heal, armor buff aura, and AD/AP aura buff.

My point is, none of them have everything, and I think that helps keep them balanced. This is constructive criticism, I really like the idea for the champ, I just think maybe an ability or two need some tweaks.

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Nice idea! Possibly a bit too mellow, though. Like, just a lot of heals and stuff. I guess the Q could be good for setting someone up for a lanemate or ally.

I might suggest replacing the mana-restore with something else.

To keep with the theme of growth, and to add a bit of a fun mechanic, you might try giving her an ability that gives her a stack of some kind on success? Like maybe if someone's killed while Q-snared, she permanently gains some armor?

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Looks like a mix between the HoN heroes monarch and nymphora. It has the health and mana regen abilities of nymph with the root/slow/cleanse ability of monarch. Seems like a good idea but looks like it has too much control over team fights.

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I would hate to play against this character...

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K D Bonez

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Hi Summoners,

It has been a while since Riot released a new support champion. So I was wondering if I could help them with coming up with an idea of how the champion should play. Please note that everything in this thread is conceptual and the numbers could change if they seem to be too strong or weak.

Flora, the Nature Goddess

(Q) Conjuring Roots - Target an enemy to spawn thorny roots in between his feet. This causes him to be immobilized for 1 / 1.25 / 1.50 / 1.75 / 2.00 seconds. Additionally the rooted target takes 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 (+0.3 AP) magic damage every 0.25 seconds.

(W) Blossoming Rose - Target an area to throw magical seeds over there. A red color rose than starts to emerge/grow there for 2 seconds, after which it explodes and its pollens spread in the area. All allies within 300 radius of the rose exploding are healed for 60 / 120 / 180 / 240 / 300 (+0.4 AP) and have their armor and magic resistance increased by 15 / 30 / 45 / 60 / 75 for 5 additional seconds.

(E) Calming Fragrance - Target an area to immediately pop a white flower there (from within the ground). This white flower lasts 5 seconds and all ally champions, who stand within 300 radius of said flower, are restored 0.60% / 1.20% / 1.80% / 2.40% / 3.00% (+ 0.005 AP) of their max mana per second.

(R) Relieving Breeze - Passive Aura - Allied Units within 500 radius of Flora have their tenacity set to 10 / 20 / 30 (unless they possess an item that gives a higher tenacity).

Activation - Every Allied Champion within 500 radius of Flora is immediately cleansed (experiencing same thing like they just blow cleanse) and have their movement speed increased by 10% / 15% / 20% for 3 / 5 / 7 seconds.

(Passive) Mellow Vibe - Unless Flora has damaged an enemy in the past 3 seconds, the enemy deals 10% / 15% / 20% less damage to Flora.

Edit#1: Tweaked the numbers a little upon your valuable feedback summoners. Also changed her name from Fauna to Flora. Thanks again for all your criticisms.

Oh boy this is gana be fun to tear a new as- UM I MEAN be nice and friendly and give helpful suggestions to better balance out a champions... right...

Q: I like the idea, but this is essentially Ryze's old Rune Prison with it's major weakness, it being a damage over time spell where Tenacity can lower the damage output. I'd either suggest making it deal a total damage upfront or indicate that even if the target has Tenacity, that the dot ticks will be sooner to coincide with the lower root.

I would also HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU LOWER THE AP RATIO! At .3 if you go full AP, that thing would deal 1480 Magic Damage when you hit 500 AP, and for a CC Spell that's stupid. For the love of God lower it to .05 or .1. If you don't get the math behind this one, i'll explain:

35 (Base Damage) + (.3 times AP (for this example, going with end-game 500)) = 185

The Dot ticks every .25 seconds for 2 seconds, meaning 8 ticks. So essentially-

185 times 8 = 1480

Also, keep in mind if you gave me cooldowns and mana costs to work with, i'd be giving you damage per seconds as well as mana per second costs. Moving on though for now.

W: Since the only other Champion in LoL with an AoE Heal is Alistar, we'll have to compare numbers:

You: 60 / 120 / 180 / 240 / 300 (+0.4 AP) + 15 / 30 / 45 / 60 / 75 Armor/MR

Alistar: 30 / 45 / 60 / 75 / 90 (+0.1 AP) for allies

You can clearly see that there's a bit of a difference. Of course, given that Alistar is more of a Nuker/Tank then Support (though I think you can still play him as that, I'm no Alistar expert). I understand the condition for which you can heal (got to wait the 2 seconds and they have to stand in the area), but realistically in a team fight you don't move that much and it's not that hard to stay in the circle. As Serif said, with the current meta this will never work. I'd say lower the stats to look somewhat like this:

45 / 70 / 95 / 120 / 145 (+0.2) + 5 / 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 Armor/MR

Of course, the main problem with helping balance this one out is that I have no cooldown to work with, so I can't do a Heal Per Second comparision to other Champions. But provided that this is somewhere within the range of 8-12 Seconds, it should be fine. But no matter the case, the current stats are unacceptable.

E: Personally speaking, this is a horrible skill for a few reasons. 1. It along with W = infinite lane stay-ability 2. Worthless end-game 3. Is going to have such a long cooldown to compensate that it'll be ult worthy. Personally, I suggest you nix this skill for another.

R: Passive: Lower the passive to 10/15/20. It should in no possible way be even close to Merc Treads Tenacity level. The idea of free tenacity however is an incredibly smart idea, but we just don't want to see so MUCH free Tenacity is all.

Active: This is going to hard counter half the roster... and that honestly is a good thing if you ask me. However, I suggest changing this a small bit; instead of making it like a team Cleanse, make it break all forms of CC on all nearby champions, give a 20/30/40% MS Boost and make it only last 2/3/4 Seconds. The reason for the small change to this is because you want this to be an Ultimate, something that makes the other team go "Oh **** run!". Breaking all CC is amazing in and of itself, but that's it, and the other team can just re-CC. But granting bonus movement speed will allow the damage dealers to get to their target, chase after stragglers, etc. Plus, in the off chance your facing a team with no CC what so ever, this should still be useful in some form, hench the boost to the movement speed value, while cutting the duration by a lot.

EDIT: One last note on this; as the post below me has said, a insti-all cleanse can be seen as potentially OP (along with the MS buff from my version). A potential fix is to give this ability a 1-1.5 second channel similer to Ezreal, Lux, Fiddles, etc. This way, you have to time it right and it's not inst-"Get out of Jail Free" Ult.

EDIT: Passive: I would suggest changing this to be something like this:

"If Flora has not damaged an enemy within the last 5/4/3 seconds, all enemies deal 10% less damage to her".

This way it's more clear. Also, provided you go support and get support items, you will be naturally tanky and giving 20% on top of that is just wrong. 10% is more agreeable and a scaling wait period will allow it to scale later on. If the worry of "Last hitting = no passive" it could easily be re-tooled to not go off proc if you attack minions/neutral monsters. And if you're going to be poking the enemy, chances are you'll poke with Q/auto attack + laning buddy, so chances.

The other idea I would have in mind is making a reverse Irelia passive:

"For every nearby allied Champion, Flora takes 3/6/9/12% less damage from all sources"

With this passive, you'd still get the damage reduction but it would be more rewarding as support because you'll be following around with your teammates, as well as not punishing you from poking/last hitting (if you last hit as support) in lane for that extra gold or zoning.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this lengthy read. If you haven't guessed now, I'm a Game Design student so I've personally enjoyed looking over your work. Great great GREAT potential, just needs to be refined and tweaked is all. Call me jelly if you want for you getting a red's notice, but I think it's deserved, well done OP.


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I was just going to critique the numbers on your Q (as it was initially the most obvious problematic part of the kit), but I decided to look at the rest too. Please note that I like your concept and initiative, and am only being critical because I really do want to see Fauna made into a champion that Riot could create.

So your Q scaling is a bit odd because it scales with the snare duration.

lv1: 60 + 1.2 * AP
lv2: 100 + 1.5 * AP
lv3: 150 + 1.8 * AP
lv4: 210 + 2.1 * AP
lv5: 280 + 2.4 * AP

If you are hitting a carry with no tenacity late-game and have 400 or so AP, you will burst for over 1k (1240 before MR) with a single non-ultimate targeted auto-hit spell. If they have 35 tenacity, you will still burst for 880 before MR (duration reduced to 1.3 seconds, assume 5 procs). Thus I recommend reworking that scaling.

The issue with your W is not one of strength/weakness. However, I will analyze its strength as a way of getting to what really bothers me about it. It is an AoE heal, so I compare it to Alistar's scaling [(60 / 90 / 120 / 150 / 180) (+(0.2 per ability power point)) vs. your 60 / 120 / 180 / 240 / 300 (+0.4 AP)]. Since it relies on careful setup and timing, it is very unlikely to help during combat, and thus the added reward is justified by the added risk. However, it would end up being used exclusively out-of-combat where the risk of missing your team is significantly lessened. This heal design would promote passive heal/poke gameplay and really long sieges. I recommend a complete rework of that skill. While the idea of a skill-dependent heal is a cool one and definitely a step up in terms of making more engaging support characters, the sustain it gives and the risk associated with using it will not achieve your desired result because using it outside of full engagements will simply be tactically superior.

Your E would make you the second support with a mana restoration ability. However, I don't think it would be that useful of a skill. This spell would be virtually useless in lane because you will not have a particularly big mana pool to scale off of. Late-game, most champions build as much mana as they think that they will need and become mostly limited by cool-downs. Obviously champs with expensive sustained spells (Anivia, Swain, Amumu, Maokai, etc.) and tanks who have been spamming their abilities for a while will benefit greatly if they occupy that area for the duration. However, the restoration over time promotes static gameplay. Overall, I'd say that the ability is strong in a few very particular situations (long sieges, tank OOM, etc.) but hard to enjoy outside of those specific times.

Your R seems like a very cool skill. It could be a little too powerful to cleanse all of your teammates at once though, especially since it would give you absurd amounts of CC reduction between the tenacity aura and the aftereffects of the cleanse. Design-wise, I really like the ability because it is truly innovative and sounds like a ton of fun to use correctly.

Your passive bothers me because of two things. First, the wording is a little ambiguous. Does she get free DR against all enemies she has not damaged or is it free DR against all enemies if she has not dealt damage? If the second is true, then she is punished for attempting to last-hit or push minions off her tower in lane. While supports aren't "supposed" to last-hit in the current meta, I tend to dislike having champion designs that pigeon-hole a character into an extremely specific play-style. Secondly, even if she doesn't lose her passive for last-hitting, she is still punished for attempting to poke in lane. That bothers me quite a bit.

My overall thoughts on her design are that she is a little too team-dependent compared to the other supports and 3/5 of her kit promotes passive play. Her W and E would be mostly out-of-combat abilities, leaving her Q and R for actual fights. I would encourage you to continue working on the concept though, because you are absolutely right in saying that we need new support champions.

I will be bookmarking this thread so I can see this champion concept develop.