Great Knight Renekton

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Just like there is an infernal nasus now, let's make a sardonic just knight out of renekton. He's not full of rage but full of fervour and cause. Some quotes could include the following : Jokes : "No, I will not bite the dust!" "Can you smile like this?! Ow! Bit my tongue". "Don't worry! This is not a crocodile smile!" (Renekton snaps his jaws closed and forces a smile) Taunt : "Aww, do you want me to try and shed a tear for you? Yea...Right. Ha!" "I was choosing for my fervour not my people skills!" "The order put me here because I can spread the word around!" "Nasus, is it just me or do you feel like our roles are reversed?" "Brother I do not like being just, give me back my rage!"