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Tribunal rewards

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Thank you @Minstrel13, I didn't know that.

But just one thing and i will let this post go R.I.P.
This statement: "It's important to understand the rules because abuse can result in serious consequences" What does it mean?

Right now I'm a member of the Tribunal voluntiers, and I have 80% accurracy rate, but I'm still thinking if I do the wrong call I will get my account banned or something... What will happen to me if I do mistake? Its an abuse if I get "only a few" between my cases?

It is most definately not abuse.
Abuse would be doing something such as punishing every single case because you got banned and are mad at the Tribunal. As long as you actually read through before deciding what's best, you're fine.
Basially, just follow the rules (you should know what they are, you aren't just scrolling down and hitting "I agree to these terms"........right?)

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Cat 6th

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@mambawarrior0: Thank you a lot, I feel safer now.

@Panzerfaust: How can I know this is a necro thread? I searched a LOT of threads about tribunal here and on the Tribunal forum, and found almost nothing, so: How am I supposed to know if I'm not asking?
I have to add that you did not post a link or something to check. This is something that you know, but a new player does not

Well, I let this post go R.I.P for good. Thank you.

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If you can't find a recent thread, feel free to start your own.

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No, they shouldn't. The Tribunal isn't to get rewards, it's to help clean up the community. If you're doing the Tribunal because you want free stuff, you're doing it for the wrong reasons, and should probably stop because you're wasting your time.

I totally agree with you because...
1) It's pretty funny to read what some people put on the chat logs like seriously some people are really dumb and you can get a quick laugh from it
2) You are helping to get rid of the trollers, like I started the tribunal a couple of days ago ever since they did the ranking system and I already got some jerk permabanned, THAT'S AWESOME. 1 jerk down, that feels good and if it doesn't feel good then you shouldn't be dong the tribunal!
3) This is more of a question than a statement, but yesterday i was looking up skins that I could buy and when I hovered over to Kayle I had the Judgement Kayle skin and I don't remember anything about ever buying a Kayle skin, nun the less ever looked at Kayle to buy skins for her. What's up with that? I thought Riot wasn't giving special rewards?
4) And if you don't like any of that at least do the tribunal to try to be the #1 ranked tribunal judge in LoL, maybe that strikes your fancy.

Just some stuff to think about. Hope you guys are doing accurate cases, and see you on the Fields of Justice!