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[Ideas] Team Technology

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Junior Member


i have some ideas about the sth improving the whole team with our spare money。
It should be more fun if putting some elements of RTS in LOL.
similar to item,we can spend some money to research the team technology to improve the whole team Here are some ideas:
1.we can make the tower be stronger permanently with at 500 - 1000 cost, or some research to improve the minions,we can also make them have some ability such as stuning;
2.some that reduce the item cost.
3.reduce the time of rebirth.
Other than some permanent research.there r some temporary improvement for us to activate.like anti-stealth for a short time;Spawn some healing minions or sth interesting.

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Junior Member


Good idea, but judging by the mentality of LoL players, I doubt players would look twice at improving anything but their own characters.

If there were a second currency, such as honor points which are gained exclusively from killing creeps and could only be spent on what you spoke about, I could see this idea being very entertaining and add a whole new level of strategy to the game.

Good idea.

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Demigod tried it, and for me it doesnt really work out. Why should i upgrade my creeps? They won't help me to win.
Those things only have two option: Useless or broken imba.

There's already the possibility to reduce your deathtime by 25%, additionaly there's Guardian Angel.
Itemcost reduction will only lead to a imbalance because the late game heros will get their items even faster. Not good imo.