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should they make it happen

yes 3 60%
nop 2 40%
Voters 5 .

riot game client n rp

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whenever you buy riot points u use these points to buy skins. but after you buy the skins youre always stuck with a stupid amount of rp where u cant buy anymore skins unless you buy more. so riot should make a option in shop where you can sellyour extra rp you cant use like 80rp 150rp for ip.

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That will never happen. They said time and again that they don't wish to make power purchasable with RL cash (ie. sell runes for RP, and if you allow for a RP to IP transfer, it's just the same). That, plus it's completely in their interest that you buy more RPs; they aren't a non-profit company, you know ? It's already good that tons of players can play for absolutely FREE...