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diggest bick

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I played Kass a while back but didn't think much of it. His q... it's kinda stupid. The shield was a great idea instead of making him a full out f*** you opponent in the ass. But with the shield, it's useless. His shield doesn't last long enough to block much damage. And his ult... If the mana cost is going to be so much, make the damage higher. I do think that it should cost more mana per ult but the forth ult being 1300 mana? At 8 or 9 when his power starts to show, he can't even be in an extended team fight. He just runs out of mana. Sure with tear and rod you can get some extra ults but a maxed out tear is just one ult. A single ult. And rod, not even one.

The shield strength is fine, and his ult damage is to. But the length isn't long enough to be useful and his ult is to much on his mana pool to have an effective teamfight.