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****ing Rivens, how do they work?

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Kite her with a slow when she tries to wombo-combo?

So as far as solo top picks go, Nasus would be a fair choice?

EDIT: Tbh, that sounds impractical. The problem with kiting her is that she will stun you for a solid 2 hits of hero combo at the very least once she dashes in and stuns. You will also likely be hit by the third part if she moves properly between attacks. Since it doesn't seem possible to consistently bait a good Riven into fluffing her dash and stun, kiting her after exhausting her cooldowns doesn't seem possible.

Nasus gets annihilated by Riven solo top, he can't touch the minions to heal if she's any good.

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break her sword even more.................
but if i was answering seriously i would say play yorick vs her solo top or any other great super great laning champ. another good example would be udyr who can shield to absorb some of the damage then counter ataack with a very quick tiger proc.