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Do we need Zombie minion mode?

Yes! 4877 86.04%
No! 360 6.35%
I don't care 430 7.59%
Voters 5668 .

Quick Idea : Zombie Minion Mode

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-Warning Wall of Text-
If you like the idea please upvote and leave a comment so we can make it happen.
Also try asking some of the reds to check out this thread!.

Here's the Idea

-It's a standard Survival Mode with a few twists
-There is only one Nexus on the map which is located at the center.
-Zombie creeps will spawn from the other end of the map
-They will try to destroy it and you ( Eat your brains )
-Players who Reach 0 Hp (Die) Will fall to the ground for 15 seconds, Other teammates will be able to Help them up ( revive ) If player doesn't get help in time then the player dies.Players that have died will be in spectator mode. When a Wave get Completed all Fallen and Dead party members get Revived.
-There will be 100 waves,They get harder and harder as you progress.
-Next wave starts 5 seconds after the last zombie minion dies.
-There will be bosses at the end of each 10,20,30,40.ect.. level
-Bosses will be way harder than Normal zombie creeps( takes the whole team to kill the boss)They will have unique abilities and attacks.( throwing other creeps, fire breath,ect...) Also they drop high amounts of gold and xp.
-Players will gain quests and Find Buffs scattered around the map
When your team losses. It will total up all the xp/gold/kills..ect... Like the dominion mode score system and post it on a leaderboard on lol High scores page. So people can compete for the highest score

This Game Mode would be found, when you click at PLAY on the client, at the Co-op vs AI screen.
New Systems and Game Mechanics
Combat Multiplier
It keeps Track of how many minions you killed. Not killing a minion in 5 seconds will reset the tracker
The higher the combo, The more Bonus points you earn

-fog of war would be immensely thick

-Map gets randomized each time you play it. Different monsters, buffs, quests ect...

- Towns One or two villages are near your base surrounded by stationary zombies. When the camp is defeated (Would require 3 champs at most for ease or 2 champs (But be much harder) the town would begin to send waves to "assist" the nexus to fight the zombie waves.
These would assist you for say 2-3 waves and be retaken over. The camp scales significantly in stats as time goes on so it is a hard objective to takeover but be very powerful as well.

-Shops will only be available at every 3-5 rounds. They will be open for 45 seconds
-When players reach level 18. They will receive a buff that will add health, attack damage, ap and so on based on there level,
-Players Unlock More Items Slots has they Level up
-Unlock items every wave. Like when you first start you can only buy say 10 items from the store, but you unlock more items after each wave.
-Purchasable walls or barricades.
-purchase/upgrade towers
-if a champion dies and not quickly revived will succumb to the overwhelming powers of rot and become a "zombie" in which their reanimated corpse becomes an NPC and attacks remaining players.( should this be added? yes/no leave a comment)

Banned items
wiggles , taimat , madred's razor are not Purchasable in this game mode ( but there is a buff in the game the gives the same effect )

difficulty levels

-Hard ( Boss's and minions deal more damage and have more health)
-Extreme (Boss's and Minions deal even more damage and have more health, Boss's now have new ablilites )

Normal: Zombie Minion Mode, 100 waves
Infinity wave mode : They just keep Coming!
Quests and Buffs
Players will gain quests and find buffs scattered around the map, So players have an incentive for trying and making some high risk decisions instead of just sitting at the same spot and killing Zombies.
Buffs and objectives will be announced and revealed on the map.

-A large Nashor-like monster appears on the map. It attacks ANYTHING that comes near. He stays there for 2-3 minutes. If players manage to kill him within the time limit they gain a Buff( Buff needs a name ) giving increased Health and Mana Regen, bonus AP and AD, and a slight increase in gold gain for a short time.

-Slay 50 zombie minions within a minute to obtain a team wide buff that increase resistances for temporary amount for duration of buff.

-Paladin's Presence (White buff) Zombies in a radius around you have their stats halved (HP, damage and resistances), wave bosses lose only a quarter of their stats.

-Gained from Boss: Crazed Paladin
Info: As strong as blue or red buff, doesn't last long and he spawns at one of 3-5 random locations for a limited time. (So players have a situational and spontaneous objective to achieve)Passive: Gains a small amount of shield every time an ability is cast. (Actives only, not toggles or passives.)

-Curse of the Lord (Green buff)Zombies only attack you if you attack them. Damage taken from zombies is halved and damage done to zombies is doubled. For the duration of the buff normal minions and allied champions become your enemies (Basically your minions would try to kill you and you wouldn't be able to support your allies with abilities). This buff would work for "Rogue" champs to try and kill as many "zombies" as possible and bypass them unhindered to reach objectives instead of defending the base.

-Gained from Boss: Lord of de Swampe
Info: As strong as blue or red buff, doesn't last long and he spawns at a specific place until killed.
Actual Passive: Spawns minions over the course of the battle and debuffs his aggressors.

-Quest Buff: Bloodlust (Red Buff?)
You lose 1% of your max HP as true damage every 5 seconds. (You'd die in 3 minutes if you do nothing). Every time you autoattack a target you gain 5% of their HP (Caps at 80 HP heal) and gain a bloodlust stack. (Lasts 5 seconds stacks up to 10 times, stacks refresh duration). For each bloodlust stack you gain 5% Attack Speed and 1% movement speed. Upon reaching max stacks you lose control over your champion (Gaining 10 more stacks totaling up to 20 stacks, imagine 50% AS and 20% move speed XD) and attack (Autoattack) everything near you (Allied minions, allied champs and zombies) for 7 seconds or until no living unit is around you.

Gained from Boss: Baron of Red Moon
Passive: Gains bloodlust stacks. (Stacks up to 10 times, 5% AS 1% MS per stack, upon gaining 10 stacks they double into 20 stacks until he dies).

I would like to thank Wise Squirrel for the buff ideas
Summoner Spells
-guardian: knight( or what ever) that gets created and protects the nexus, Deals massive damage but loses health per second.

-Blessing - Reverts several zombie minions (limit is 5) in a circle back to their sane selves. They will join your cause and fight off any zombie minions until they fall.

-Reinforcements - Summons ally minions to help you fight off the zombies.

-Reconstruct - Rebuild a fallen turret that takes 20 second to be restored to its state, and can be damaged during the period.

-Second Wind Recover from death without the assistance of an ally. (large cooldown)

-Chrono Reinforcements
Using the masteries of time acquired from Zilean, the champions is able to summon 5 zombie minions from future waves (around 5-10 waves ahead of current one) to aid you in battle for a limited time (30 seconds). these minions are uncontrollable and always stay within 400 AoE around you.

210 sec cooldown
-Achievements you earn them while playing the zombie minion mode: They get displayed on your Achievement page
- FIRST BLOOD: kill a minion
-A TASTE OF VICTORY: Beat the first wave
-SLAUGHTER:100 kills
-MASSACRE: 1,000 kills
-THE DAILY GRIND:5,000 kills
-GRIM REAPER: 10,000 kills
-BEAT THE RUSH: Kill a rusher
-CANNON BARRAGE: kill a Cannon minion zombie
-BOOM!:kill a exploding suicide zombie minion
-SURVIVALIST: Complete wave 25
-LAST STAND be the last survivor on your team and beat round 50
-I AM ALIVE: Beat Zombie Minion mode
-COMBO BREAKER: Reach a combo of 100
-IMPOSSIBLE: Reach a combo of ????
-BRUTE FORCE: deal over 1,000,000 Physical damage
-OUT OF MANA: deal over 1,000,000 Magic damage
-MEDIC:Health self or allies for up to 250,000 health
-GRAVE DIGGER: Defeat Yorick, Unlocks "God of The Grave Yorick skin"
-BOSS SLAYER: Defeat a boss
-IRON MAN: Defeat Headless Mordekaiser boss to Unlock the "Dullahan Mordekaiser skin"
-RAGE: Defeat Demonblade Tryndamere
-BEAST SLAYER:Kill one of every Minion
-DEMA.....cia??:kill 10 minions in a row then die

Wong10 Made the Dread Minion ideas

-Dread Minion Tank: Dread minion is very resistant to attack damage and is a very hard hitter, despite being quite lacking in terms of movement speed, it's damage and resilience supplies it with a lethal enough arsenal to take out a Champion in beginning game. Ability 1: Smashes enemies up into the air, dealing AOE damage. Ability 2: Chomps down on the enemy increasing its health with a percentage of the enemies Max health. Ability 3: Thrusts it's rotting carcass towards the enemy, dealing bleed damage with its protruding rib bones.

-Dread Minion Mage : Auto attacks are ranged, extra damage on every 3rd attack. Resistant to magic damage. Although this Dread is not as strong as the Tank, it can still deal a decent amount of damage with it's magic. (1 of 3 ablilties: Timed ability that silences and damages opposing foes). 2nd ability: Mage Dread opens it's mouth to expel dark magical wastes, shooting it out in a blast similar to a fire fighter's hose, except more putrid and dangerous. 3rd ability: Feeds upon itself constantly, dealing damage to itself but increases magic damage & attack speed (works like using a health potion with reverse affect but +bonuses).

-Dread Minion DPS: Dread minion that is a very fast hitter, light, and quick on it's feet. This minion can dash up to you(1st skill) as an initiative and bind you down with limbs, snaring your champion(2nd skill), allowing him to deal damage with it's auto attack. Every 5th hit it takes a chunk out of your champ, literally, be it metal or flesh, and digests it in it's putrid bowels, healing itself and causing a bleed affect.

-Dread Minion Jungler: This minion sometimes takes the trail, or sometimes goes off into the brush, so watch out. If it makes it to a certain location and the champion has not yet spotted it, this Dread minion will enter a stealth mode using dark magic that excretes from its body(1st skill). It will lie in wait until the Champ is within range, leaping out(1st skill) to hurl a decapitated head towards the champ, slowing and dealing bleeding damage(2nd skill). It then either goes back into hiding in a random bush, sometimes being the previous bush, waiting to attack again. If the Dread doesn't return to it's hiding, then it will proceed by sprinting towards the champion and begin auto attacking. This creature has incredibly fast movement speed, and in pair with that, it poisons the champion with a potent bite that is dealt every 4th hit that it inflicts upon its target(Passive).

-Dread Minion Support: This Dread, like the other 4, are randomly spawned at a lane, making it unpredictable as to where which one is where. However, unlike the other Dreads that appear in the beginning, this Support dread is accompanied with 2 raging summoner souls, trapped within 2 Dread vessels that are sent into battle. This Dread who commands them, stays back whilst they do the dirty work((Cap 500)-(distance)) as she hurls skulls at her target. One of it's abilities is to pour dark magic into the closest attacking Dread, causing it to surge with power for 2 seconds granting it increased attack speed and damage. After the time limit is reached, it explodes causing bone and matter to frag out, dealing damage that penetrates the champions armor. The 2nd ability is tossing a femur that slows the enemy. 3rd skill is healing her minions by soaking the ground with dark energy(vomit).

-Pitcher Zombie: Throws other zombies near him. Making them advance faster than usual. They lose health when they land. deals AOE Damage
-Dicer: A creature formed from the bones of the extinct saber tooth tigers, they are very rapid fighter with mobility to throw Summoners off their style.
Flesh eater, a zombie minion that will consume another minion, gaining armor magic resist max health and damage, it will consume any low health minions that it detects near it and regain all of it's hp on top of gaining max hp.

Champion counter zombies

Mana eater : A creature that's drawn towards the smell of mana( Goes after champions that use Mana or abilities. siphons 20 mana per hit, scales per wave )

Reaper: A creature with two serrated blades and lightning fast reflexes( deals 4.5% of the champions health on hit and has high armor pen)

Stalker: a monster that stealths and goes after Champions with the lowest amount of health. While stealthed the champion it hits gets stunned for 1 second

Zombie plant: When wandering the jungle occasionally (At any location inside the "jungle" zone) a plant zombie will spawn at your location and root you for 1-2 seconds. They can delay reaching objectives or CC the player long enough for those nasty zombies to finish him off

Wanderer: Weak zombie that roams the jungle and gets agro'd by relatively nearby champions. They are weak but they can pile up into a hoard if you try and run away.
Zombie minion ideas
Aura Zombies
Auras from zombies to zombies:
Armor aura.
Mov. speed aura
Return dmg aura
Lifesteal aura
Attackspeed aura

Auras from Zombies to champions:
- XX armor for champions
- XX magic armor for champions
Slow Champions
Mute random champion that get in area

-Life Leech: Aura Miniboss: All minions nearby gain 50% lifesteal.
-Terror of Noxus: A terror of Noxus lets out a terrible scream every 15 seconds, Fearing all players nearby for 1 second.
-Void Grasper: Silence's and Slows players hit by 20% for 3 seconds


-Ravenous Vampire: A giant vampiric creature flys around the map, it will attack champions at will and specializes in Lifestealing and health drain.
-Zombie Baron:Might be the final Boss
-Yorick: With a legendary skin. Unlocks "God of The Grave Yorick skin" After his defeat
-Demonblade Tryndamere
-Zombie Dragon
-Dullahan Mordekaiser: Unlocks "Dullahan Mordekaiser skin" After his Defeat
-Zombie Ryze
-The charger: A zombie creature the size of Tibbers, He charges at champions knocking them up or Slamming them against walls

Does anyone want to try their hand at Lore Making?

Many moons around Runeterra are beautiful, however a meteorite struck one of the celestial body, causing it to be shattered to pieces, and they fell upon the Valaron. Each pieces are dark, ugly, with putrid odor. These smell drove nearby creatures mad, to insanity, causing them to mutate into something dread. An adorable rabbit...into a monstrous fanged beast. A raven...into a flying horror. They wrecks chaos upon nearby villages, towns, and even major cities. Refuges from these settlements fled to the Institution of War. Many fell on the journey, but at last, the League, the last of the settlement, must defend against those changes.

Summoners from the League must summon one of the many champions forth to protect against the disease. The plague has broken through the dam, water flowing through the building. Will the Runeterra be lost to the curse forever... or will they manage to halt the disaster to find a cure?

Lore is By ArtifactMind


Deep within the depths of the Plague Jungles lives a small coven of Witches and Necromancers. Hidden far from the eyes of the League and the petty squabbles of the nations of Valoran, they've sat and consolidated their powers. Using the foul magics of the dark arts and using the jungle's own natural resources they've spent years studying, developing, and crafting new and devious spells and poisons. And now their time has come. Now they've begun their devious plot to control all of Valoran.

Thousands upon thousands of forms have been spotted emerging from the Plague Jungles, snuffing out and devouring all life before them. Village after village have been falling to this new threat, and now the League has stepped in. Sending in their best summoners, the League has decided to end this threat before it becomes too great to handle. But the challenge is a great one. For every foe a champion slays, five more rise to replace him. The necromancer's black magics sap the strength of their enemies and returns it to their troops. The witch's deadly and necrotic poisons hang in the air, killing all but the most fortuitous of life. The Midnight Coven has risen. And it may already be too late to stop them

Lore is By Madman20043

As many know, a majority the Games which partake at the League of Legends happen on Summoner's Rift. A majority of the games happen during the winter or autumn, but one overlooked detail of these matches is the time of day. Most matches occur during the afternoon or evening. But what happens when the sun decends upon the horizon of Valoran? the minions slain after a hard days work rise from their graves and wander the Summoner's Rift.

What many others don't know about the Summoner's Rift is it's many glorious hidden treasures which can only be discovered at night. Brave Summoners may attempt to overcome the challenges that lay ahead in an effort to obtain wealth and riches beyond imagination. Zombie Minion Mode, it's worth Dying for.

Lore is by SaT Havoc

On the rainiest days of the year, when even the most determined of champions and their summoners hide in shelter, other beings emerge from the depths. From the marshes of the Lich, otherworldly beings emerge with the intent to prey upon the weak and sick among the surface dwellers. Ordinarily this isn't a problem- a village or two vanishes mysteriously overnight, but midst the huge population of Runeterra this loss is hardly noticeable.

However, the magic of the Fields of Justice has had an effect on the world. The atmosphere has been heavily laden with magical energies, potent as any summoner's spell yet unnoticed by even the most attuned to nature. The waters of marshes, stagnant, have grown to immense potency. The inhabitants of these fetid, murky pools have become engorged with these runic powers and transcended their previous bestiality, emerging from the water as gaping horrors not dissimilar to the Void born. These creatures have slowly begun their march- the League, as the cause of their current wretched state, must pay for its crimes against the earth.

The League, however, is not accepting of its fate. Turning briefly from matters of state, it sends a full force of champions to counter the oncoming threat. However, the ground that must be tread is too dangerous for any summoner to walk upon. Therefore, the champions are much less limited- their powers can exceed those they are granted on the Fields of Justice, increased powers they will need to face the army they must defeat.

Lore is byYamiBelgarath

-Peace was thought to have been established by the League. On the contrary, it is in the Fields of Justice that the bloodiest battles rage on. Fuelling the battles were minions, long considered to be insignificant creatures that are not sentient. It is true; they are mindless creeps, Zombies regenerated and animated by the nexus, a magical apparatus powered by the runic environment. The pathetic minion as we now know, were probably once creatures that inhabited the area, such as rabbits and squirrels; this our best guess as the League refuses to discuss such matters. To make the revived creatures aggressive, the League placed something malicious, something associated with vampires, beneath the nexus’s core. In order to alter the minion’s aggression to be less vampire like, League mind-mages utilize inhibitors, yet another magical device, that limits their growth rates and selectively blocks parts of their weak minds. What is hidden by the League until now is that a master inhibitor, located deep under the field of justice, has the ultimate control over the minions’ production, and minds.

-On December 2, during a battle at summoner's rift, after Graves and Yorick destroyed the red inhibitors; a massive earthquake suddenly shook Runterra, causing the rupture of the master inhibitor. No longer under suppression, the nexus produced its true creatures, zombies that have the instinct to sink their teethes, and infect others into zombies vampires. Frighten by the aggression of their own mutated minions, all ten champions gathered at the center. “Backstabbers!” Talons exclaims. “why they attack me too?”Annie wails. Starring at the fissure in the ground, Yorick replies -, “answers lies beneath …"
The zombies close in on our champions
Graves frowns ,gazes the other way, and slowly loads his shotgun
“Dead men walking”

Lore is by twicicle

Deep within the underbelly of Runeterrea there lies a relic from one of the many rune wars. A necromancer/lich upon his death had his body sealed within a nexus with a reanimation magic he himself created. After a period of time a seal would be released and he was to be reanimated.

He was reanimated very recently and immediately began summoning mindless, necromantic minions. The league quickly dispatched summoners to investigate the magical disturbance and seal it. After sealing it they decided to use it as a training ground for champions and summoners alike, and transformed it into a Field of Justice.

Lore is by neoshadowxxx

Please Leave a comment Below saying which one you like best
STILL NEEDS Art work, Some More Minion zombies and Boss ideas. Also Achievements, Please Leave a Comment with your idea
Riot response
Greetings Summoner,

Thanks for the suggestion, I think it sounds awesome myself! I'll pass this to the development team working on that. We do have quite a few improvements we'd like to implement, and we're always looking for great ideas.

In the meantime, ...bump it up for more recognition! The developers are always checking for ideas, and you can get support and constructive feedback from your fellow summoners. We have adjusted priorities in the past based on community feedback!

Until next time,

Please leave a comment below with an idea to improve this game mode!
Thanks Guys! keep it up!

Still Waiting for a red to comment

Thumb Up this Post and comment if you want Riot to add Zombie Minion Mode!
Riot Make This Happen!

100 UPVOTES Nice!
200 UPVOTES That's awesome!
300 UPVOTES wow!
400 UPVOTES Keep it up!
500 UPVOTES Think we just beat the record for the most upvotes in 2 days!
600 UpVOTES Now we are getting somewhere! Go Go Go!
700 UpVOTES Outstanding! We need Riot to leave a comment!
800 UpVOTES Riot we need you! Tell us what you think of this!
900 UpVOTES (Speechless) Almost made it to 1k!
1000 UpVOTES (tears of joy) Riot where are you?
1500 UpVOTES Our efforts shall not go in vain.
2500 UpVOTES (╯°Д°)╯ ︵ /(.□. \)

Link to my youtube if anyone is interested.

Suit in armor is "Dullahan Mordekaiser skin" idea
The map idea is made by Reprisal35
Last map was made by Halmrage

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Like pcm isn't hard enough to kill already.

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Needs more exploding suicide zombie minion.

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enfabled mage

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take nasus and you will just farm

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....so your idea is for a game mode that's kinda like Plants vs Zombie, without the plants ? ô_ò
nothing against it though, it could be fun, but I don't think that an infinite amount of waves would attract players to this mode, after all, depending on the teams, the match could last forever with a team made of champions good at farming (Singed, Heimer, etc)
I believe that having options like "20 waves", "40 waves", etc and then "Endless" would be better
that way you could enjoy the mode without having to play it for almost an hour :/

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Ben Khan

Senior Member


great idea. this would be epic.

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Literally Tumblr

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Oh god, like a 5 person team where you're just surviving these massive waves of creeps. I'm already in love with this idea. Every tenth wave will be a legendary monster, something like Baron, but scarier....Multiple Baron Nashor's?

However, this could be scarier by restricting the usage of "Farm-dependent" champs, like Nasus, Veigar, Cho'Gath and anyone else who does the like.

After one champion hits level 18, there has to be a signifcant buff to the minions, or else Tiamat's will be the item of choice.

I love this idea. Riot, I don't know how you'll do it, but find a way.

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Senior Member


The final boss is Yorick's mum

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I will upvote for 2 simple reasons
1- I love zombies
2- It's not just another "BUNNYGIRL RIVEN LOL SO FUNNY TAKE MY $20 BUCKS"

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Senior Member


....so your idea is for a game mode that's kinda like Plants vs Zombie, without the plants ? ô_ò
nothing against it though, it could be fun, but I don't think that an infinite amount of waves would attract players to this mode, after all, depending on the teams, the match could last forever with a team made of champions good at farming (Singed, Heimer, etc)
I believe that having options like "20 waves", "40 waves", etc and then "Endless" would be better
that way you could enjoy the mode without having to play it for almost an hour :/

Fixed it
Made it 100 waves now
Added infinity mode as well.