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Is this champion viable to join the Fields of Justice?

Yes, and she's fine as is. 4 57.14%
Yes, though she is underpowered. 1 14.29%
Yes, though she is overpowered. 2 28.57%
No, and I want to cut off your ears and sell them. 0 0%
Voters 7 .

{Champion Concept}-Emiko, the Mind's Forge-Pet Mechanic

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The E has two rather unique effects to it. On the one hand, it allows you to create a turret anywhere you'd like it (it acts just as a turret does, but has lower attributes) that lasts as long as you have the energy to sustain, someone destroys it, or you dismiss it. All of the created turret's stats (health, damage, armor, etc.) are scaled off of Emiko's AP.

The second effect allows your pet to dive without fear of retribution when fighting at a tower (the tower will simply ignore his presence as long as it has something else to shoot).

I hope this helps to clarify the intent of the spell for you.

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Bigg Fuddgee

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KK im tired of my comp glitching....i typed a long review but I'm not retyping it all, sorry for inhibiting your review, but these are free....

Passive i like it, but u say it doesn't and does give money
It doesn't need to give stacks to champion killing items.
I would say share damage

Q: needs to be clarified that its a skill line movement like shens taunt.
Also you need to say passive instead of sustained...i e no clue what that means

Off topic, Does the armor and glows like increase each t you level up the skill? it would be cool

W: The shield needs to be a shield on emiko too, maybe share the shield between the two....it doesn't make sense because they will bypass your pet and look for you unless you increase the range the pet can go

E: I do not like the E at all....You don't need another summon....I would make this another damaging or an escape for emiko or something....

off topic. Your role isn't defined....your ult i purely support....but you should be playing as ap mid to be good late game....

Ultimate: not a fan of this one....Total support doesn't fit your role...I like the idea but i would perhaps enhance the spell you use as well...like your shield returns true damage...Your Q does more damage and emiko can launch forward as well..And your E needs to be changed anyways so you can work on that.

Emiko, The puppet forge pet

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Bigg Fuddgee...

Passive - does give money when Phantasm is killed.

Q - is meant to say sustained, not passive. Every skill in Emiko's kit is a sustained spell like Swain's Ult or Karthus's E. Will clarify that it is a linear skillshot.

W - Phantasm is meant to be the champ who does the real damage and Emiko is meant to stay vulnerable. I want to leave the shield off of her for that reason. The way to kill Emiko most efficiently IS to try to bypass the pet.

E - This skill is her utility skill. While it doesn't create an escape move per se, it does discourage attackers from chasing her for fear of the damage. The turret diveability this skill grants allows her to safely secure kills under turrets... a very offensive skill. This skill is entirely utility/support based.

R - Emiko is meant to be a support for both Phantasm and her team. That being said, I will strongly consider adding additional effects to the next spell activated, it's a good idea.

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just blowing off some dust in bumping this old concept of mine