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[Guide} jax/kog

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Ok this is a guide for jax and kog
Why? Because every guide i have seen is ******ed and doesnt play in the char's strengths
first off Jax

masteries anything as all as it includes nimbness
summoner skills i perfer heal and exhaust or u can X the heal and get ghost

items: first get dorans sheild u need the hp and regen bad in the beginning
Next is ninja tabi this plays into ur nimbness and passive
then vamp staff the 12% one for 450
then its the most critical of all of ur items gunisoo rageblade this is a must
after that is bloodthrister
u deal mad damage now but u need att speed to be unstoppalbe get a recurve bow
u can upgrade this or get a black cleaver its ur choice

ive play over 100 games using this build and it pwns. Theres not a champ out there that can out dps 1v1 and in team fights u can kill their carries so quickly that they dont know wht to do with themselves. Its awesome try it out and tell me wht u think

NOW its kogs turn

items: get a chaiice as quick as possible
then its a rod of the ages
sorc boots
then guess wht? Rageblade this makes ur % damage spell chew thru hp so fast
after its hextech gunblade.... the slow on this is really cheap with kog. Its IMPOSSIBLE To get away from u

now all of your spells are nukes and hit hard as hell then u vamp a lot of hp with the combo of spells and att
its unbeatable. If they are far away u ult and slow. If they get close u pop ur W and Q with ur ult rainning down on them, each hit takes away about 10% plus about of their hp plus 150 damage and ur att speed is thru the roof they wont last longer than 2 or 3 secs. Try it out and tell me wht u think

I know this guide isnt very indepth but i trust that u guys know how to play the game. This is 2 very much needed guides to the LOL community. Please try than out and give me all the feed back. If you see me on or wanna play one with me just give me a shout out, summoner name: Pushinpurp

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Your Jax "guide" is just the recommended build for him. I can't judge for Kog'Maw, but honestly, people expect a good deal of detail in a guide.

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How did you manage to write two bad guides in one bad post

We don't wanna hear a list of recommended items and a mastery setup, a guide should be much more in-depth.