Do you like the champions featured in the cutscenes uploaded by riot?

Yeah, I don't have a problem at all with the champions; they're fine 0 0%
No, I would like to see some more interesting champions 3 75.00%
I don't care what champions are in the cutscenes; it makes no difference to me 0 0%
Is this guy serious? 0 0%
They should make a movie! One with every single champion in it! 1 25.00%
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League of Legends cutscene's need better champions

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Junior Member

6 Days Ago

Riot makes amazing cutscenes! The only problem though is that, the cutscenes don't really show off some of the "cooler" lol champs (E.G Urgot, Sion, Shaco, Zilean, Galio, Heimerdinger, Anivia, Rammus). The newest one (A New Dawn) had Nautilus in it! I was so excited about that, thinking "wow a real champion!", but then he just ended up dying because I guess riot likes Graves more than they do Nautilus
If riot releases a cutscene without those generic boring champs that I see every-game, I would be happier than an grammer Nazi correcting an error.

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6 Days Ago

I understand where you coming from and I somewhat agree with it. I does seem that RIOT is hesitant on using there full variety of champions in there cinematic. But I speculate that there maybe some reason for this, like maybe they wanted there videos to be very clear and straight forward so they us the most human like champions and then throw in the occasional monster such as Cho'gath or a humanoid creature such as Warwick or Rengar. To me I think that they do this to keep things in line for the viewers who don't play the game rather than the players that do. For instance if I where to watch a new LOL cinematic and have never played or researched the game and I see fricken an arrangement of furry and colorful yordles (Rumble and Lulu), an armadillo (Rammus), a zombie warrior (Sion), and a shadow ninja (Zed) vs. a psychotic clown (Shaco), a crystal scorpion (Skarner), a steampunk golem (Blitz), a purple hulk (Mundo), and a armored polar bear (Voli); I would have no fricken idea what the game really was about or would be able to get a good vibe of it. I just feel that in these cinimats RIOT has been good with providing clarity when watching them. But I would still love to see so more champions in these vidoes and god forbid a movie if that ever happened. (PLZ RIOT PLZ)

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The Red Warden

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2 Hours Ago

I think they just want to not blow a huge amount of money on Special effects.
Also imagine Hecarim in a cinematic