Unspecified log error

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6 Days Ago

I just reinstalled League after uninstalling due to a minute problem (i accidentally deleted a lot of files from RAD). When i opened the application, there was an error message saying "Unspecified Error occured, please check logs". I couldn't click the "Send Logs" option and even if i did, it did not help. I visited several forums, some of which suggested deleting the lol_launcher folder, switching to Oceania and switching back to North America, cut "downloads" & "Solutions" from C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\RADS and reopening the launcher. I tried each and everyone of them out, the closest was switching to Oceania and back however when the update reached 99%, the error message came back. These work for some people but not for others so if you're like me, i suggest restarting your computer. That's it! I know you get all upset and nervous that you might not be able to play your favorite game anymore so you try everything to get it working; that is what i did. After 3 hours of little success, i decided to restart my computer and "Boom" it started updating without me having to tweak anything. I hope this will help anyone who will encounter a similar problem. Peace!