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Let's talk Akali item builds

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Hey guys,

I've been playing with the same itembuild for 70+ games now, but everytime I do it I feel it could be improved. So! A simple thread where you just post your favorite itembuild with Akali. I want to experiment!

Few things: I play AP Akali and it needs to have a Rylai's. Feel totally free to not follow my pathetic rule, but I'll only play your build if it has my simple requirements. You could also just not care. Totally fine.

Anyways! My build, which I feel is lacking:

Doran's Blade (+damage quint for the passive (****it, I don't even know if this is necessary!)
Amplifying Tome (1)
Boots of Speed
Giant's Belt (2)
Blasting Wand (3)
Rylai's Scepter (1+2+3)
Mercury Treads (rarely do I not need this, getting a Ninja Tabi instead in that case because it's dirtcheap)
Blasting Wand (1)
Pickaxe (2)
Guinsoo's Rageblade (1+2)
Sheen (1)
Blasting Wand (2)
Lich Bane (1+2)

From here I get whatever I need at that late stage of the game. Be it a Guardian's Angel, Zhonya's Ring or something random like Aegis.

Post away!

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Senior Member


Well my build is probably a bit diffrent from yours.

Doran's shield (extra health and hp5 along with 8 armor, selling it when I don't need it anymore)

Sheen or boots+ amplifying tomb (depending on what I got afford with)
I'm at lvl 5+ buying an fortitude elixir (more health to survive ganking others and passive spell vamp added so I can get the lizard without a problem)

Blasting wand>Lich bane (got ap runes so I got about 120ap or so once I got it, very few people can survive an mark combo at this point)

Blasting wand/Large rod>Zhonya (usefull to find an opening for the escape or just for the extra ap which gives extremely much additional dmg boost).
Acceptable to buy an fortitude elixir again if you got less than 1500 base health otherwise an wisdom elixir is perfect for that extra dmg boost.

Boots>sorc boots (spell penetration is great to have at akali especially when you don't even have time to melee hit so you can only throw mark and ult)

Getting my rylais at this point (already know the reason behind it)

BT as 5th item (60 stable ad, 100 if stacked gives about 20%-28% spell vamp) main reason. At this point you should have about 350-500 ap which means that for example 100 ad would be worth about 150-200 damage + that it gives you health recharging methods after an team fight.

The 6th item is of your own choice and the team compositions, with other words get what you need to either survive or take down that annoying insect.

I'm usually using Smite and Ghost as summoner spells because they covers two points that akali needs, extra xp and speed. Going to the lizard lane, the normal creep camp an killing the creeps there with help of smite to gain an extra lvl or just additional xp. Repeat whenever possible in order to get to lvl 6 asap (you can manage to get to lvl 6 while the others are lvl 4-5 unless they got fed with some kills or you couldn't farm xp).
with help of the smite you can get the lizard at either lvl 4 or 5 with just doran's shield, amplifying tomb and some health potions, it's alot smoother to do it with sheen though.

In order to move around so much as possible, I'm using moment speed quints and the moment speed mastery, 7,5% increased moment speed should give you about 344-350 moment speed at lvl 1. an Janna would be most suitable on your side to make it easier to solo the camp and returning to the lane quicker.

This is how I play akali, atleast the build of it. If you don't like it don't try it however sheen is always an item you should get asap. The lizard buff is a good subitute for rylais.

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I'm not very experienced with Akali, but I have been playing as her a lot lately. I currently go with this build:

1. Sheen
2. Boots
3. Rylais
4. Lich Bane
5. Defence Item or Zhonyas Ring

Personally, I find this build quite strong, but it is lacking in survivability. Takes far too long until I start to get any defense items. But then when I buy a defence item earlier I find that I am too weak .

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Senior Member


I'm in the same position as well, after trying several builds both AD and AP, I settled on this one for the past 60 or so games. Just to note, the Spell combo is a must for me now, Cleanse covers me wanting the Boots of Mobility and Ghost covers my escape mechanism need. I also had Runes bug out on me for a game or 2 and the experience was completely awkward with the lack of Attack Speed and Movement Speed runes, so much that I think they've become a crutch for me now and I probably couldn't play Akali well without training myself off of those things.

Marks - Attack Speed
Seals - Energy Regen/18 or Dodge
Glyphs - Flat CDR
Quints - Movement Speed

Masteries : 21/0/9

Summoner Spells: Ghost/Cleanse

(Starting Items) -> Amplifying Tome + HP Pot

1. depending on how much money you have I would prioritize these in order:
- Giant's Belt
- Boots of Speed
- Blasting Wand
* Rylai's Scepter

2. Boots of Mobility

3a. If you've been getting harassed or you're not getting kills, get Zhonya's Ring.
3b. If you are getting kills, get Stinger.

4a. After Zhonya's, get Guardian Angel here.
4b. If you got Stinger, get Zhonya's now.

5a. Lich Bane after Guardian Angel.
5b. Guardian Angel after Zhonya's followed by finishing Stinger with Nashor's Tooth if you have time.

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My cookie cutter build is Dorans's Blade > Amp Tome > Sheen > Boots > Belt > Blasting Wand > Rylais > Mercs > Lichbane > Staff > Blasting Wand > Z Ring

I play Akali in a way that most people dont. I usually don't mind engaging and taking out a squishy from behind like ashe, twitch, or ryze. I use cleanse so if I get cc'd when I engage I'm cleansed out of it, such as rune prison, after I kill said hero, I will usually be down to about 50% health or lower. But thats ok for the most part since I took out a main dps and they just wasted a lot of burst on me. This is why mercs is important to have. Usually I can stick around for a few seconds and get a couple last hits, and by last hits I mean when a hero is down to 30-40% and I know I can 1 rotation them.

I like to play Akali mid, using Ignite + mark and an autoattack if I can. Then I like to keep them pushed past the minion line (this is where the minions are attacking each other) so that I deny them exp. Who will come at half health to attack the Akali with full hp? If done right you can severely cripple their mid (remember to push lane very wisely. You don't want to just sit there attacking their minions and have yours running to their tower, as this gives them exp. Let them battle it out and take a last hit here and there.) Your majority of farming will come from killing their mid, top, and bottom lanes once you hit 6-7ish with sheen. Enjoy. =)