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Stealthers, Junglers, Shaco, and YOU

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So... Just got a small complain about some people who play in public queue.

Today I have had the privilege to play 2 games where my team mates absolutely refused to buy wards... even after die-ing 5 times to the same trick.

I understand everyone in the early game is trying to save up for that item they need. But literally 150 gold NOT spent early loses the game.

1st game was with a enemy WW jungling. I was mid. I told everyone before hand to buy the 90 gold ward on there first TP back to prevent being ganked. Top lane decided to ignore my advice. ( Annie, Cho) so they both died to a level 4 WW with red buff. So... I suggested to them again... buy the 90 gold ward to prevent such grief. Lo and behold they did not do so. and Cho died again to WW, annie got away with flash. And then... still they refused to buy a ward. 3rd time both died again to level 7 Warwick - Lost tower. Needless to say we had a fed Warwick on our hands and eventually it was GG for my team.

2nd Game. Eve... we all know eve is a useless character. One ward early game shuts her down completely. Oracle carried later on by the tank and she has no place in the fight. Well here is how it goes down. Heimer, Yi bot... I say hey... call mia on eve and buy a ward so she doesnt get fed and that shuts her down. 150g, no way heimer can afford that.... NO WAY. so needless to say both Yi and Heimer die about 8 times to Eve and still... no ward.
Our shen bought an oracle after the fact but by that time she is already pretty fed and would just wait to gank our squishies.

Sad thing is... these players im talking about have 300-400 wins in normal games. I just don't understand how some people can have that many games under there belt and not understand BASIC gameplay concept.

Please release season one already... I tire of these antics