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Jarvan's Travels

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(Originally Titled Jarvan's Life Sucks)

Day 1: Jan 20, 21 CLE

I hear voices... they're discussing something. I think I heard something about the town of Kalamanda...

I open my eyes, my head is sore and I can't my body. I lift my head up looking down my body and see golden chains wrapping me to a table. I drop my head back down and look around the room. Where I am, it's dark... I turn my head to the left. Other than the stone table he was sitting on, and a pair of torches on the walls, the room was barren. A decaying door was opposite me, and I strained my eyes to look. I could hear footsteps...and the handle opening. I dropped his head back to the table and closed my eyes. If someone had gone through the trouble of kidnapping me and putting me in this location, then I was not surrounded by allies.

I heard heels, and a cane. The cane had a familiar clunk sound that he knew could only belong to swain. I resisted the urge to start screaming at him. If they were coming into my room I may be able to pick up information on what was going on.

"It looks like he's still sleeping...what a shame." Swain's voice could be heard as soon as the door was opened. "After you m'lady." The one wearing the heels entered the room, followed by the clunking of the cane.

"Oh he looks so peaceful. My chains really compliment his armor." That voice was familiar...but I wasn't completely sure. I only had limited experience with Champions on the Fields of Justice, but the only female I knew who was around Swain was LeBlanc. Seemed fitting.

"I only wish I could see his face in pain. The Crown Prince is at our mercy. Unfortunately he's no good dead, so we have to keep him around until the ball gets rolling. If things go south we can use him against Demacia." A bird cawed in agreement. Resisting the urge to start bad-mouthing swain was incredibly difficult, but I kept my face blank, my body stiff, and my eyes closed.

"Speaking of the ball rolling..." LeBlanc's voice cut off and I could sense some sort of heat emitting from where she was, and an eerie purple color was making it's way past my eye-lids, before everything turned to black once more.

"How's this?" My heart skipped a beat. The voice I heard was no longer the entrancing female voice of LeBlanc, but my own powerful voice talking to Swain. I hadn't spoken...which meant that LeBlanc had somehow duplicated him. I resisted the urge to check for myself, but whatever they planned I was a part of it.

"I could almost kill you right now..." I felt a jab at my gut but made no response. "But you're not him. He is. Now then, since you appear ready..." A paper could be heard being unfolded in his hand. "You're currently en rendezvous with Jarvan III to station yourselves in Kalamanda with hopes to win the mining contract. The first thing that needs done, is to prevent this from happening." The cane began to head towards the door once more, and the sound of heavily armored steps was beside it. "How about...we blow up the mine. Something simple, yet enough to make a scene. Get that done, and I'll handle clean-up." The door opened and the cane stepped out. I opened my eyes momentarily and saw the glimmer of my armor shining from the torch light at me. As the door shut the armored figured turned around and looked through the bars of the door. My own face smiled at me...

"Sweet dreams Prince."

Day 64: 25 March, 21 CLE

The door opened. Feeding time.

A Noxian soldier approached and lifted a spoon of a pasty substance. "Open." I opened my mouth, and he dropped it onto my face. A good portion got into my mouth, then anything I couldn't get into my mouth would end up crusting to my face like so many times before. On occasion, should LeBlanc be in the area, she could undo my chains and and let me eat on my own. Those occasions were almost non-existent these days. I can only assume that whatever they're planning is going to happen soon. After my...meal...I lay and stared at the ceiling. There wasn't much going on really. I just lay there hoping for some rescue attempt or a release. But for now I wait.

Occasionally I catch word of the happenings in Kalamanda. Soldiers spreading rumors, curious about what Swain is plotting. Oh how i despised that man...but for now there was nothing I could do about it. My ear twitched as I heard the clunk of a cane. Swain was back... It was his first visit since the day I'd first woken up. The rotting door swung open and Swain walked in, the horrible black bird still perched on his shoulder. He closed it behind him and looked down at me.

"Oh, my dear prince. You have food all over your face, what a messy eater." Swain laughed and looked down at me. "You're slowly destroying the balance you know. You might even start a war. Not being down here of course, I mean you being currently stationed in Kalamanda. Do you know what you did? You ordered your own soldier to blow up the Noxian mining area." He shook his finger. "Tsk tsk tsk. The crown prince ordering such a dirty action." He laughed again and walked out of the door. The next time I would see him would be during my transition to Zaun. A long and painful trip.

The last thing I heard was something about needing some poison for a loose end, before the sounds of his cane disappeared down the hall.

Day 91: 21 April, 21 CLE

I'm growing considerably weaker. It's almost been two months of being locked away. They feed me enough to keep my alive, but laying down all this time has taken it's toll. I don't even think I can walk...

Just as this thought enters my head, a rap at the door can be heard, and the chains vanish. I struggle just to lift my arms. It's a difficult task, but I am the Crown prince...such tasks are not impossible. I manage to lift them and the voice of a soldier can be heard. "We're leaving. Come out or we'll drag you out."

A shame this couldn't have happened while I had my strength. I inched my legs off the table and let them dangle. I stretched every inch of my body and attempted to place myself on my legs. I wobbled but stood straight. I lifted my right leg to take a step, and my left one gave in. I collapsed on the floor. True to his word, the door swung open, and the Noxian soldier, dressed in the green colored armor that represented their city-state, began to drag me out of the room. The other soldier on guard picked me up and they began to drag me to a set of stairs. My shin banged against every rock-hard step as i tried to get my footing, but without result.

As we neared the top sand began to appear on the individual steps, and torch-light was slowly replaced with sunlight. As the door swung open I was immediately blinded. I closed my eyes and winced, but the soldiers had no such problem. They dragged my legs through the sand and i could hear horses near-by. Painfully straining my eyes I opened them briefly and glimpsed a desert. Thousands of figures could be seen heading into, and heading out of, a nearby city. They were all specks at this distance, but he could only assume it was the city of Kalamanda.

We got into a carriage and I was able to open my eyes once more. My wrists were shackled and I blinked a few times, re-adjusting to the shade. I looked over their soldiers at the driver. No armor. He looked like a regular citizen. I sat straight up and strained my neck to look ahead of us. The horses didn't wear armor either. From the outside this appeared to be a regular carriage. They began to head towards the lines of people leaving the city. The guard across from me, still with his armor and a weapon, turned around and spoke to the driver. "With the forces flowing in, we've been commanded to leave under the cover of the refugees. Heading straight to Noxus will cause a bit of suspicion, so we'll be heading north to the Ironspike mountains, and into the city of Zaun. Our orders will be given once we arrive." The driver nodded and whipped the reins, and the carriage began to move.

Nobody really said anything. My armor could be seen in the corner of the carriage. All things considered, the situation could be worst. They'd fed him, kept his armor, and he wasn't being tortured. Though, all this could happen to him when Swain arrived.

I stretched out once more, and a weapon was suddenly at my throat. I stopped my stretching and the blade left my throat, so I turned and looked out the window. The gold of Demacian armor, and the green of Noxian could be seen flowing into the village. Should I have tried to call out, more than likely it would be made so I couldn't speak at all. I'd wait for a moment to present itself. For now, I wait.

Day 92: 22 April, 21 CLE

We've entered the stream of citizens leaving the town. There's quite a distance between individual's and family's in the new path that was created by the leaving groups. All the same, the blinds were drawn, and the only vision he had was a gap between the Blinds and the Cart, occasionally moving far enough to allow light in should the ground become uneven. It was a long journey, and I could see the microscopic tips of the Ironspike Mountains in the distance.

Day 135: 3 June, 21 CLE

It's been quite a journey. The Ironspike Mountains have been mounting the Horizon for quite some time. We had to take a longer route, passing by the Institute of War. The Institute couldn't help me, as it was against their code. They only keep the world from ending. Kidnapping was beyond their control.

I watched as the mighty steps I had ascended many times before in my life passed by. I may never see the incredible building again, but I needed to think strong. Whenever the caravan took a rest I was aloud to move about within watch of the guards. I couldn't go anywhere where my shackled ankles, but the walking and the stretching was keeping me from losing to much muscle. My strength was returning slowly.

Day 162: July 19, 21 CLE

The storm over the Mountains has caused our group to stop momentarily. Camp was set-up and I was left in the caravan. My ankles were still bound.

I debated escape for a long time. These soldiers didn't appear to be highly trained or anything of the sorts, and more than likely wouldn't chase after him in these conditions. They were having problems enough keeping their tent down from the wind.

I look out from the carriage window into the muddy sand world that was being creating from the massive rain. The wind was threatening to rip the cart apart, but it appeared it would hold. The horses has been moved to a small cave in the edge of the mountain, and the tents were placed outside to prevent the horses from running. If it wasn't for him being their prisoner, they probably would've let the horses go to take the cave for themselves, and just walk to Noxus with clear weather. Or something along those lines...

His face was soaked from staring out for so long, and a puddle had begun to form at the bottom of the carriage. I lay down on the seat I was on and dip my head down to sip at whatever water I can get. The desert weather had been harsh and the Guards were allowing the supply they had to only be for themselves, and the horses. After re-stocking outside of the Institute, they had enough to make it past the mountains, where they could probably gain new supplies.

As I lap at the puddle, feeling slightly foolish, I notice a blue glow reflecting in the puddle. I lift my head up and move to the other side of the cart looking up across the mountains.

My jaw dropped. What appeared to be a massive glowing sphere was hovering, quite quickly, overheard. I squinted and thought he saw the tail end of a zeppelin, or some flying creation. Whatever it was, it vanished shortly after at high speed. I shook my head, ignoring the brief distraction. Regardless of the happenings of the world, my only concern was staying strong, and surviving this ordeal. Not for myself, but for Demacia.

Day 164: 3 July, 21 CLE

We've been moved into the pass of the Ironspike Mountains to the valley that contains Piltover and Zaun. There is a small camp of soldiers in prepared tents. Noxian armor is everywhere, on the horses, the soldiers. Weapons are laying around in the sand, with the green and gold coloring across the camp clearly stating this is a Noxus Camp.

I am pulled from the cart. The air is dry, but cool. We're under the shade of the mountains so I'm not sweating out the little liquid I've consumed during the trip. The soldiers I have traveled with began to push me towards a tent. The driver went to a separate tent greeting with praise. I got a glimpse of him coming back out, dawning armor and a weapon once more, before I was pushed through the flaps of the tent.

I fell to my knees and looked up. A man dawned in Noxian Captain armor sat in a wooden chair, with his legs crossed on the table in front of him. His helmet sat on the corner of the table, and his black messy hair was greased and slicked back. He looked down at me and up to the tent flaps. I heard foot-steps in the sand enter behind him and the Captain nodded his head to a corner of the tent. Out of the corner of my eye the soldier behind me marched past the table and dropped my golden armor onto the sand behind the man. The Captain spoke with a gruff voice to a second man who was in the tent with him. "Send word to LeBlanc and the Black Rose. The Quarter is egressed." With a nod and a bow he left the tend. The two guards who had brought me in left as well, but I heard their foot-steps stop right outside the tent. I had nowhere to go.

"Stand Prince. Don't you have no manners? You stand straight and look a man in the eyes when he addresses you." His legs swung off the table and the massive boots thudded against the sand as he stood. I forced myself up. During the storm I had managed to get out of the carriage and walk around, stretching myself out. The guards wouldn't chase me under any circumstances, and if I ran, the storm would most likely bring me illness. I had minimal strength, but enough to fight if the situation called for it.

As I rose he approached me and unlocked the shackles around my wrists, tossing them aside into the sand. He keanlt down and unlocked the ankle shackles as well. "Stretch." He tossed them aside and resumed his position at his seat. He looked through some paper-work. The Captain seemed almost...humane, but Noxian's were known for putting on a show. Giving false hope, then shattering it moments later. I rubbed my wrists and stretched my arms and legs out. Following the man's orders was humiliating, but his muscles were sore and stiff.

The Noxian Captain set his papers down and sighed. "We're stuck with you for a few weeks it would seem... Our orders will come with LeBlanc's arrival, which could take a month if anything." He rubbed his brow and looked me in the eyes. "My name is Captain Karve. I'm assigned to baby-sit you until our orders come though. You're looking rather weak." He snapped his fingers and one of the guards outside walked in with a salute. "Grab our prince the finest meal you can find. We shouldn't treat our guest so...harshly" The man bowed and left the tent.

Curiosity got the best of me... "Why are you treating me like this? I could run away... Without shackles, giving me food. If my strength comes back I might escape." Karve laughed and pointed to a chair in front of the desk.

"If you're nice and stretched, sit down." Not wanting to push my luck, I sat infront of him. He leaned forward and looked into my eyes with a stern look. "I'm a man of respect. No matter the faction, a Prince is a Prince, and deserves treatment as such. My job is to keep you healthy until you're moved again." He leaned backwards some. "The things you'll go through when you reach Noxus are unimaginable. If you're weak and on the brink of death, your body might fail. What fun would that be? If I keep your strength up, you'll last much longer." The soldier who had left returned, and a delicious smell came over me. My mouth began to salivate and my eyes began to water. A large metal tray was placed in front of him. A bowl of soup, a large fish surrounded by rice, and a variety of fruits and other meats were spread in front of him. A pitcher of water and a glass were set down beside the tray and I just stared... "Eat up. If you die on me, Swain will deliver your torture onto me." Karve stood up with a shiver and walked outside the tent. "Get some exercise while you're at it..." The flap fell and the foot-steps faded into the sand.

I stared at the food and weighed my options. If this food was poison, then they'd loose him as an asset... Odds were this was a real meal, and I immediately began to consume the food as rapidly as possible, with large gulps of water in between bites. My eyes wandered to my armor, which was left in the corner. I doubted my body had enough strength to wear the armor and remain mobile. Maybe when my strength returned, I could dawn it once more and escape... In the mean time, I consumed my meal.

I sat in the chair for what seemed like hours. The paper-work across Captain Karve's desk seemed to call for me, but Karve seemed to know as much as myself at this point...

The closest place I could escape to was Zaun, but they were allied with Noxus. The odds of being able to make it to Piltover were slim. Between the desert heat, the weight of his armor, and the high possibility of being perused would ensure that any escape attempt would only prove to do more harm than good. My only chance of escape would be during the period of time that they took to transport me. If I could take the carriage I was being moved in, I had a higher chance of making it to Piltover.

I leaned back and let out a belch. It wasn't a very pleasant action to be taken by a Prince, but considering the situation, I really didn't care. My only task now would be to try and get enough strength back to make an escape when the time came.

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