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Thoughts on Normal Draft/Blind Pick

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TL:DR is highlighted/bolded for those who are lazy

So as one of the 1% of LoL's population that actually plays Twisted Treeline with my friends, I wondered why Draft mode was not included when Normal Draft became an option for SR and Dominion. Only to find out that the que would be split so thin that getting a game would be hard/**** near impossible, I gave up on the thought... then it started bothering me again so I'm here now with an idea.

I know that this map is the redheaded stepchild that Riot doesn't love or care about (we weren't even given statistics...) and we haven't seen any modifications since... well forever. HOWEVER, When we hit summoner level 30, can Blind Pick be removed and replaced with Draft Pick? This means you would have to wait till you have enough champions to actually play unrestricted.

I know, crazy, but I thought it was worth at least bringing up for discussion. I'm not sure who, in a map designed around counter-picking with no champion balance (except Mundo, sorry big guy), wants to go into a game unprepared. I personally don't want to see Singed, I despise him, but the fear of him in blind makes me rethink my champion choice and I'm sure that others people don't want to see terrors like Lee Sin or Tryndamere but at least knowing that your fighting one would be nice.

As my friends and I manged to go 9-1 in ranked and are already seeing an increased que time, I'm sure the people actually good at playing this map who will soon have to deal with 10-30 min que times wouldn't mind something like this but hey, maybe I'm just rambling about something useless in the early morning


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I agree about blind pick being replace with Draft Pick, but only for TT... People will just need 2 champions different from the 10 free champions to play, anyway... =P

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