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@Web Design guys: Forum bans

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Brother Wren

Senior Member


While I haven't gotten banned from this forum yet (not planning on it either), I can appreciate some good web design when I see it, and some good web design would be fine tuning how people are banned on the forum to restrict which forums they have access to. That way you can ban people just from the general forums and still give them access to off topic stuff and help and support if its nescesary (spamming help and support should result in an in game ban, imo), or whatever combination/specific forums you deem worthy.

I can type up some sample code and the associated SQL table and email it to ya if you guys are interested, its pretty basic and would be a great addition to the season 1 functionality of the website.

As an added bonus, the exclusivity this would provide could just as easily be turned into inclusivity (is that a word?) for something like the test realm forum, as it requires people to be logged into the forums to access already, and there is a finite number of people given access to the test realm.