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Another IP reward discussion.

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Urek Mazin0

Senior Member


Say... it takes u 30 minutes to finish a 5v5... say you always win.... say you play up to 4 hours a day... say you dont take anytime to queue and u play 8 games of 30 minutes in 4 hours.... you only get 880 IP or so... SO YOU HAVE TO PLAY around 7 days to get a 6k IP champion.

But you need runes too... and champions keep coming... and you are broke.

I have some ideas on ip bonus. here they are:

Personal IP bonus:
each kill= 2 IP
death= -1 IP
Assits= 1 IP

that would be fairer for tanks, since they are harder to kill and usually get lots of assits (if they r good they even get rather some kills)
And it would actually be a penantly for feeders.


Teams IP bonus.
2 IP for each Kill the team got, -1 for each dead (this goes for everyone on the team)

these bonuses only apply on normal games. Plus, if the game goes on for to long, it makes up for the time lost, and the time bonus lose for winners because the high amount of kills the game will probably have.
Maybe the bonuses only apply for winners, maybe not. it could have a limit cap if you think it's 2 much.

Or simply increase the IP gain, based on time been playing lol, or amount of games played, etc.
to reward older players or something like that.

Give your opinion or ideas on the matter.