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Possible Nasus Ult suggestion

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I know the HP aspect of it doesnt work right now, and suspect the other effects might not be as potent or correct as they should be. and ive been playing him several times since he came out, so an idea springs to mind.

perhaps, instead of giving an HP boost. maybe give his ult a "Soft reincarnation" of a sort. perhaps, when hes got his ult on, instead of adding extra HP, when he would die. instead it instantly cancels his Ult, and gives him a bit of health back, or a few moments of invulnerability, or something along those lines.

i can see how it might be a tad OP since hes already a pretty strong character. - So thats why im just making a suggestion, and asking for feedback or counter suggestions instead of just "DO IT NAO".

after all. hes the Master of Life and death, youd think hed have some way of escaping death ;P

a couple of other ideas are, perhaps just give a flat % of damage that his ult gives, and instead of adding more, when on his ult the HP he drains, he gets a portion of that back instead. sort of a low grade AoE lifesteal.

Any other suggestions, or CONSTRUCTIVE critisicm are greatly apreciated