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Minions more like demons from the abyss.

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So it was another exciting day on summoners rift as 2 teams lined up to fight. The dispute in question was whether a large Zaunite corporation should be allowed to buy its smaller piltover competitor who had suffered certain unfortunate accidents of suspicious cause.

Team A For Zaun
Morgana- Doesn't really care whether anyone buys anything she just wants to hurt her sister in battle.

Mordekaiser- No one is really that sure what drives his body to move or heart to beat let alone what propels him to battle in the league of legends.

Twitch- Contract came down from his home city of Zaun to fight against piltover also he wants to discourage rumors that his best days are behind him and that he has been outclassed by newer champions.

Singed- Does consultation for the Zaunite company and if he wins the match can expect significant shares in the company as reward. Soraka's involvement was an unforseen complication.

Renekton- Wants to kill his brother Nasus, but won't get too picky in the middle of his not too uncommon blood rages.

Team B For Piltover
Kayle- Feels that the the Zaunite company is guilty of espionage and wants to see justice done. Also wants to hurt her sister in battle.

Caitlyn- Was and still is trying to gather proof that the accidents weren't accidents and that the Zaunite company is guilty of espionage.

Heimerdinger- Has some research funded by the piltover company and calculated that the risk of it being bought far outweighed the risk of him participating in a league match by 82%.

Soraka- Still harbors resentment against Warwick and his apprentice singed for their alchemical atrocities against the people of Ionia. Want's to protect others from the same fate and prevent the Zuanite corp. from extending its corrosive influence.

Nasus- Does not want to kill his brother, but sees it as inevitable that one of them will end the others existence. He also feels responsible for the innocents his brother claims in his battle rage state.

Caitlyn felt her summoners guidance in the back of her mind as the coldness she always experienced when first teleporting onto summoner's rift was replaced by the heat of the sun beating down on the field that day. She was glad that she had chosen to wear her safari outfit rather than her cold weather survival clothing since she would have been miserable with that on. As she was she fetl good and this outfit always reminded her of her various successful hunts she had had all too little time to enjoy lately with the nasty business of Zaun's illicit takeover going down right in her home territory.

She loaded her rifle and bought some supplies while the others did the same. Nasus and Soraka started reading books of what she assumed was arcane lore. Soraka seemed mildly amused while nasus was very grim and serious as usual. Heimerdinger was constructing a strange item that looked so much like a bomb that Caitlyn steeped back from him and went to talk to Kayle. The angel's wings were beautiful in the sunlight of the day and Caitlyn knew her face was just as beautiful under the helm she wore more and more recently. She only went into battle without her "full armor of war" as she called it when she was in a good mood and Kayle was never in a good mood when her sister was on the other side of the field.

Kayle had been doing some complicated gestures which may have been a prayer or a spell (maybe both) which she completed just as Caitlyn asked her "so what is the plan today glorious leader" Caitlyn always joked that having the most important looking hat always made Kayle the leader. Kayle seemed to find jokes awkward but obviously enjoyed being treated as an authority figure. "Well Heimerdinger should handle our defenses mid, and Soraka and I should split up to spread our healing efforts around. Nasus could scout top with soraka with you and I bottom bringing the bulk of our strength to bear on their lower defenses with the intention of creating a foothold in their position. Soraka and Nasus looked up from their books to voice their approval of the plan while Hiemerdinger did not look up from what was now definently an explosive to say that the plan had a 64% percent chance of success.

"Well im in with odds like those" Just then the female announcer shouted over the field that "Minion have been spawned". The voice would have been beautiful if it didn't have an inhuman quality to it like it had been said exactly the same way for every battle ever fought on the field of justice. They headed out to their respective positions. Caitlyn was about to talk to Kalye again when Kayle held up a fist the sign for stop they had reached the first turret. It was a huge and impressive hunk of statuary Caitlyn had to agree and it was bright new marble someone had knocked it down last battle for sure.
"What is it Kayle"
"I don't hear anything said the angel"
"The minions where are they?"
Then Cailtyn realized that she had not seen the minions even though it had been announced that they had spawned. Minions were so predictable that you could set your watch to them. Caitlyn was fairly certain that she had never missed a single minion with her rifle. She would like to attribute that fact to her impressive marksmanship, but she knew it was really the minions complete lack of concern for getting shot or killed.
"Wait thats impossible we couldn't have walked by them and not noticed and they aren't exactly known for their original ideas."
"Caitlyn Behind you!" shouted Kayle

A blue minion jumped out of the brush and swung at her with its triangular spiked club the hit took her in the leg and almost knocked her down, but she stayed on her feet and shot a net at the minion. The net covered the minion and trapped it. Its eyes were glowing red and it growled in frustration as it tried to gnaw through the net like an animal would do.

Kayle lifted her sword and dispatched it with her sword minions body exploded in a golden mist like usual informing them how much gold they had earned to spend at their base armory when they needed new or better weapons, health potion shoes etc.
"WTF" said caitlyn we are on the blue team that minion is supposed to be on our team.
Kayle said with a small not of worry creeping into her voice "Thats not all when is the last time you saw a minion hike its way through the jungle and by itself no less." "We need to warn the others if they port back to base they could be overun by our own minions and we let heimerdinger go by himself which had frightened her a little even before their minion problem presented itself.

"Here let me heal your leg"
Caitlyn felt better as Kayle said some words which she knew she would not be able to reapeat even if she tried. Her cut healed and she felt faster and more alive as well.

They made haste to where the mid turret should be. Caitlyn felt some energy seep out of her as Kayle's spell wore off. She could have asked her to recast it, but if they couldn't port back healing magic could be a precious resource very soon.
Caitlyn heard a series of ear shattering explosions as they drew near to the middle of the field. She came out of the brush and saw Heimerdinger frantically fixing his turrets as they blasted away at no less than 8 minions. The main turret was helping as well thankfully they hadn't decided to turn traitor as well thought caitlyn. "We have to help him cover me" Kayle flew off as swiftly as she could.

Caitlyn submerged her worries as she got control of her breathing and set to doing what she had trained to do her entire life shoot things. When she looked through the sight of her sniper rifle the world seemed to slow down to a crawl. Each shot connected with a minion although now they were trying to dodge her shots every so often her shots took one in the head and it discorporated immediately into a golden mist. 3 were dead by the time Kayle hit the fray with her great sword she cleaved one in half and stabbed another through the middle. Cailtyn was a little worried Kayle could fight, but she was far from the kind of melee juggernaut that Mordekaiser or Nasus were at least until she amassed a significant amount of magic items. Heimerdinger's turrets machine gunned down the rest of the minions and the gold mist obscured Kayle from vision.

She ran out of her cover and stood with Kayle and Heimerdinger. Heimerdinger in his trademark academic voice said "I must commend you profusely for your timely assistance by my precise calculations I would have had to fall back in six more minutes without your aid." "Glad we could help" Just then the announcer's voice shouted "an enemy turret has been destroyed." Normally that would have been music to Cailtyn's ears but right now the turrets seemed to be on their side having less of them was not a good thing.

3 shapes shambled out of the woods to their left ahead Caitlyn raised her rifle to shoot, but through her scope she saw Soraka, Nasus and Mordekaiser. She jerked her gun in surprise when she saw mordekaiser since he was walking side by side with Soraka and Nasus when normally he would be killing everything in reach with an amused look on his face. They walked closer until she could make out the grime on their faces well Nasus and Soraka's faces Mordekaiser seemed to be in pretty good shape with the exception of some new scratches on his shadowy steel armor.

Mordekaiser bravely walked up to the turrets range and stepped across the line someone has drawn in the dirt to mark the range of the turrets magic attack. Judging by the smiley face carved next to the lane she suspected Teemo had done it as a joke. Then nothing happened the burst that should have hit Mordekaiser didn't fire. "Well thats a useful trick Mordekaiser did you use our minions against us too." In a voice that sent a chill up the back of everyone their "I fight my battles with the use of a borrowed champions soul occasionally true, but If I was going to use your minions against you why were mine turned against me as well. " "Its true" said Nasus in a voice that showed runeterran was not his original language and had some canine traits as well. "We were fighting him together at top lane when the purple and blue minions ambushed us" "I shall crush these traitorous vermin beneath my feet said mordekiaser rather excited by the prospect."

Kayle broke the pause that followed "where are your other team members my sister and Nasus's brother. We sent all 4 of them to flank you both at the bottom lane he pointed at Kayle and me with his gauntlet. "Sporting good tactic Mord I said" "It was not my idea to disperse our forces so it was a tactic proposed by your loving sister Kayle" he said with some evident joy at Kayle's expense. The rivalry between Kayle the Judicator and Morgana the Fallen was legendary all across Runterra. "It sounds enough like her" said Kayle with a humorless laugh.

Caitlyn heard ragged breathing nearby and shouldered her rifle. Don't shoot said a squeaky voice then a rat that walked on its hindlegs armed with an antique crossbow appeared out of thin air about 20 paces from her. Normally when that happened caitlyn felt pains in her chest before being teleported back to her base for medical attention. The memories were a little too deep for her to feel sympathy for his evidently serious wounds. Can someone help me I thing they punctured my lung with those spiky sticks. Come her said Soraka reluctantly and she started casting green healing magic on his wounded side.

"Aww Twitch I was worried you were dead", said mordekaiser in a tone that made it hard for cailtyn to detect if he was being sarcastic or not. "So twitch give us some news on your comrades" "well Morgana sent me ahead to get help her, and singed were defending the turret last I saw Renekton went into some kind of fit and chased a lone minion into the jungle he never came back finished twitch in his mouse like voice although he could breath normally again thanks to Soraka's spell.

Hmm so what are we going to do? said Soraka with the voice of a godess in Caitlyn's opinion. Soraka would have been very beautiful if not for the horn sprouting from her forhead which was rather off putting to Caitlyn who never quite knew how to act around her since she behaved so perfectly all the time. It was rumored she had cursed Warwick with Lycanthropy some time ago, but Caitlyn found that hard to reconcile with Soraka's personality.

I think the only option available to us is to make a stand around the turret until the summoners council realizes there is a problem with the match and ends it said caitlyn in a voice that left no doubt she was a sheriff by profession.. "What about the others" said Twitch. "My sister is too dangerous to be taken down by minions no matter how Voracious they have become" spoke Kayle in a voice that said she knew she was right from experience.

Do you all see that curious phenomenon said Heimerdinger pointing straight ahead at 2 shapes running towards them one noticably larger than the other. Caitlyn knew it had to be singed and morgana. A toxic purple mist was trailing from behind singed killing the what had to be at least 40 Minions traling them slowly, but everyone could see it wasn't enough to kill them all.

:To arms champions" shouted Kayle her sword bursting into orange flames.

Heimerdinger started throwing out turrets in what seemed random , but caitlyn knew to be highly organized patterns.

Mordekaiser gripped his mace in both hands seemingly unafraid although his helmet obscured any clues to the contrary if they were there to find.

Soraka started chanting mystical words and purplish light started swirlling around her.

Nasus gripped his crook tightly and howled.

Twitch turned invisible (lucky !@#$$%% thought caitlyn)

The announcer yelled an enemy turret has been destroyed

Caitlyn aimed her rifle and fired.

Then all hell broke loose on the field.

Singed was outrunning morgana by a considerable margin and did not seem too keen on slowing down to wait for her. Morgana was only outrunning the mnions because they kept dieing of toxins on her heels. Then something very strange happened. Kayle charged out beyond the turret and started laying into the minions with flames of judgement. Morgana and her made it back to the turret together. Morgana acting somewhat shellshocked by what just happened.

The minions came in range and the carnage happened. Heimerdingers turrets gunned down 3 minions and the turret did its part destroying a catapult minion. Cailtyn killed 2 in the blink of an eye. Kayle was lashing out with her flaming sword in front of caitlyn while soraka healed morgana and cast a clarity spell to give them all some much needed emergency strength. She then somehow brought a rain of purple energy down on the minions.

Mordekaiser waded into the melee like somekind of darknight out of a nightmare. His mace discharged lightning into the minion wave and shards of metal swirled around him
gold mystifying minions in a radius around him. He raised his hand shooting a wave of metal shards into the minions and seemed to invulnerable to minions attacks.

Nasus grew 5 feet taller surrounded in purple energy and fought back to back with Mordekaiser
"An enemy turret has been destroyed"

Then the catapult minions who were strangely absent struck from behind quickly destroying the turret which was already cracking to a pile of rubble. They were surrounded by the ever increasing hordes of minions. How many of these little !@#$% are there she shouted.

Kayle and Soraka were casting all the spells they could while morgana was poisoning the very dirt around them to stall the minions demonic advance. The minions finally managed to bring down heimerdinger's turrets which were shooting beams of ice as they broke to pieces under their blows. Heimerdinger uncharacteristically emotional at their loss broke out the explosive he had been building and threw it at the minion horde. Suddenly everything was silent as sound seemed to be sucked in to the little device and then suddenly all the sound came back twice as loud and 8 minions were misted instantly.

"An enemy inhibitor has been destroyed"

They were tiring even mordekaiser and nasus who had seemed invulnerable a moment ago were slowing in their strikes. The minions were starting to advance on them, and then the forest exploded. A crocodile charged out of it cleaving minions in 2 in the blink of an eye roaring like some kind of feral beast. He swung his massive 2 handed sword around him killing so many minions their bodies were starting to bury him. They started to rout the minions, but then Caitlyn's heart dropped huge mechanical walkers were marching towards them their must have been at least 12 of them. They were the super minions a team used to push during the last stages of a match. They were nearly impossible to kill.

They clustered around renekton who could not kill them fast enough and they started to beat him to death. Twitch who caitlyn was sure had gone to hide appeared along side him firing his venomous crossbow into the fray killing one of them. Kayle and Soraka couldn't get through the throng of minions to help them. Singed ran forward trying to poisona path to them, but the minions seemed more willing to die than let anyone escape alive. Renekton fell with twitch a moment after. Caitlyn could swear she heard Nasus let loose a howl , but in the din of battle it could have been anything. The super minions fell in around Singed and Soraka in a bizarre tag team singed took the hits while soraka healed him as he poisoned droves of minions.

Over 20 minions died around them as they collapsed together almost simulataneously. There were so many minions caitlyn no longer had to aim she lost sight of Nasus and Mordekaiser fighting back to back. She couldn't see Heimerdinger but she could hear explosions which was a good sign she hoped. She saw Kayle and Morgana back to back killing so many minions there bodies finally blocked her view. She kind of figured this was it. She was gonna be bludgeoned to death by legions of club wielding midgets. Then she couldn't breath as if she had been dunked in tank of ice water. She lost sight and hearing for what seemed like forever and then she breathed. She was back in the league head quarters. A low ranking summoner walked up to her and worrieldy asked mistress Caitlyn are you all right. The blue robe obscured her face, but the voice led her to believe it was a young woman.

"What happened she asked?"
"Well there is a problem with the minions it seems."
"Yeah I got that"
"What problem"

"The league does not wish to realease that information at this time" said the authoritative voice of a senior summoner in a purple robe. "Suffice to say everyone is ok and the problem will be fixed before the field is reopened.
"I think I have a right to know yelled caitlyn"

"We decide what you need to know remember that" said the summoner arrogantly.

"Oh really let us have a chat shall we" the voice was mordekasiers who was obviously angry now . How he snuck up behind the summoner without caitlyn seeing him was beyond her. He lifted the summoner off his feet quite easily as his mace probably weighed twice the now very tiny seeming summoner. The summoner was not as brave as he was before suddenly as he struggled to compose andy sentences at all. Facing caitlyn down without her gun may have been easy, but looking into mordekaiser's red eyes would frighten any human mind.

"Mordekaiser put him down!" yelled a woman in a bright blue robe. The blue magic swirling in her hands seemed to persuade mordekaiser to comply although he was careful to place the summoner he was choking between himself and her so her spell would have to kill her fellow summoner first.

All of you come with me I will answer all your questions.

The 9 of them including soraka, singed, and twitch were there which was a relief, although there was no sign of Renekton.

"First, where is my brother" asked Nasus in a growl. "Your brother is fine" said the summoner. "When he fell on the field he went back to his summoner platform normally where the turret defense laser prevented the minions from killing him again. He had to be magically subdued until his blood rage subsides" she said. "I understand" he said rather resignedly.

"What about the minions?" I asked. "We lost control of the Nexuses when your match started the minions seemed to be able to think and use tactics which should be impossible. We maintained control of the turret network which we stopped from hurting champions to give you guys an advantage in holding them off until we could stop the match."

We couldn't end the match until a set amount of time had passed or a nexus had been destroyed which obviously didn't happen. "Do you have any idea why this even occured?" postulated Heimerdinger. The nearest my acolytes have been able to gather the accumulated magical energy gained a sort of artificial intelligence and developed a strees induced response using the minions like the human immune system uses white blood cells to protect itself from destruction.

We are going to be using partially charged nexuses to prevent it from happening again as well as weakening the minions so they can never pose a threat like this again.

It took a while but everyone finished talking and left after that. Mordekaiser was having a rather heated discussion with a different summoner. Nasus was describing how the minions acted to an acolyte trying to gain more information on what he called the anomaly. Singed left immediately to talk to the Zuan corporation. Soraka told twitch how bravely he fought which made twitch blush. Caitlyn talked to Kayle a bit about whether they were both ok and then she left. Kayle left as well trying to avoid Morgana. Morgana left the other way to avoid Kayle. Renekton was carried out on magical stretcher which Nasus inspected to make sure his brother was truly ok and then left right away.
Heimerdinger was talking to several acolytes quickly about turret networks. And the day ended.

Caitlyn went back to her office in piltover which was made easy by a guilty summoner who teleported her there himself and left quickly.

She sat down at her chair and cleared off her desk. There was a pair of Fuzzy handcuffs laying there I need to bring those home she thought to herself. And then she fell asleep at her desk her hat covering her face and feet on her desk. It had been one hell of a case today.

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hmmm so good story but horrible punctuation and grammar I suggest you look it over.

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Yeah I am still editing.

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i can see it it will be "League of Legends,the movie"

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i can see it it will be "League of Legends,the movie"

Ha ty for the compliment.

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Thanks for everyone who read this so far I hope the people who are reading it like it.

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