Riven's Burden

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First Post.
I just made this up off of the top of my head. Making it up as I go along. Bear with me if you don't like it.

Short, white hair flows from under her hood. WIth newer, clean silver armor, with gold lining, blue pants, and her runic blade, glowing with a brilliant green light as it has been magically reformed to it's original state. She steps onto the stairways of the High Council, eager to present herself as she has a brand new fervor. She reaches the front gate, and presents the massive blade to the guards. Knowing exactly who it is, they allow the doors to come open, as a redeemed Riven steps into the Prescence of the Noxian High Command for the first time in years......

Her return is made clear to all who are near and in the building. Her return is bittersweet. Cheers from one group. Jeers from another. Dead silence from the High Command itself, headed by "General" Jericho Swain, who takes the place of his General Darkwill, in the wake of his assasination. With a cold, emotionless look on his face, the whole room falls into silence. "You have returned, warrior of Noxus. Why have you been absent for so long? I worry about you". Riven was baffled. Swain? Worried? About her? No...."What do you mean, 'worried'? Riven exclaimed. Swain replied "You have been gone for a long time. Before we can allow you to return to our ranks, we must first retest you" Soon, Noxian summoners surround Riven, and bathe her in light. Riven breaths deeply and closes her eyes as she is struck with fear and determination......

The light goes away. Riven opens her eyes to find herself on the field inside the arena where The Fleshing takes place. However she feels no magical pushback from any summoner. In fact, she feels free. It's as if no one truly summoned her, but simply teleported her to the field for her challenge. She looks around, and suddenly another light appears directly in front of her. When the light fades, a familiar, female, sadistic assasin glares at her. The Sinister Blade. Riven clutches her sword, but it feels too light. She looks down, and finds that only one third of her blade remains in her hand. "We will return your sword to its previous state, permanently, when you pass our test." Swain yells. "Defeat Katarina, and you will have passed the first test." Katarina, silently, clutches her two swords backhanded, and enters her stance. Riven holds her sword standardly, and takes hers. "Begin!" Swain yells, and the two warriors rush forwards and clash blades loudly, as the battle begins.

If you remember the fight between Master Yi and Katarina in the Season one preview, you can picture the beginning of this fight. It looked almost identical as the two warriors went all out in their first battle for years. Katarina threw a dagger at Riven. Riven deflected it with her sword. However she noticed Katarina Shunpo'd behind her a little bit late. Without hesitation, Katarina began rapidly rotating, and tossing blades at Riven with each revolution. Riven suffered one cut at a time from each blade. Reeling in pain, she released a burst of energy, suddenly ending Katarina's rotation. Katarina staggered, trying to regain her focus. Riven then struck her with three quick slashes, with the third one knocking her back a little. Riven then lunged at Katarina's side. Katarina crossed her blades in an X form, and pushed Riven's blade down, and swung for her neck. Riven stepped back to dodge it, then stepped forward again, sheilding herself before the next encounter. They clashed hard, both reeling back. They stopped to breathe, and lunged forward again........

I don't want to bore anyone! Upvote this if you want me to continue! 50 upvotes is the mark

Now that I think about it, I really don't know why I wrote about Riven. If you knew me, you would know I'm more Demacian.....

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really good! Keep up the good work man. We could use some more serious fanfic on here

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God i finally got to reading this after you asked me. Sorry, I have been quite busy, but I do enjoy it. A little critiscism though. Don't always assume that your readers know something.

When you talk about the fight from the season one preview, I had to go and re-watch it to know what you were talking about. Other than that, it's good.

I would have done this earlier, but injured a rib and just got it fixed. So sorry.