Match Making is Broken

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I never said I had the answers, I was just sarcastically pointing out that there are prolly hundreds of QQing matchmaking threads on the board. Most probably rageposts after a lost match. They aren't productive, and it is kind of silly to go on about it since Season 1 with bans and draft mode will change *a lot* of how the game is played.

Riot has said repeatedly the preseason is a chance for us all to learn the game and get confortable with it before ranked play starts in earnest. Your matchmaking Elo will mean exactly nothing in ranked play.

So. . .chill.

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What is up with people joining a game and then going afk lately? Another thing I would like to see added to the game is some sort of kick system in game. After someone is kicked, the system would then grab a player that's in queue and add them to the game. It would be nice if he/she can be leveled up to the current lowest level hero in the team and with enough money to scale to that level. AFK players is one of the worse annoyances in this game.