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What champs mesh well to make a good team? 3v3

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my friends and I need some suggestions of some champs that can destroy togeather.

An example of what I'm looking for is something like this.

Use Gailo, Nunu and Gangplank; Use gailo's ult to fear them towards him, Use gangplank's ult to slow, then nunu's ult to ruin them.

Now you might ask why i don't just use that? Because it's good with there ults.

Any suggestions would be super helpful

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Usually you want to balance, 1 heavy sustain AD and 1 heavy sustain AP. You'll need to build tankish (abyssal scepter for AP if they are AP heavy, Atma's if they are AD heavy. Anything that keeps to damage build and gives you more survivability.) And one tank, usually one that can dish out as well as tank. And as much CC as you can get. One of my favorite team comps is Akali, Alistar, and Lee Sin. A lot of AD, a lot of AP, and a lot of CC.

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Back when morde could 1v5 and mundo could heal to full in seconds we rolled ranked going morde singed mundo, offtanks usually = win although I have been destroyed by a ryze and morgana bot lane that double snare they won before we could get any substancial magic resist. lately swain fizz and leesin = easy win