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[Fanfiction] Memories- A Janna Story

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Floating silently along the halls, Janna pondered over the latest magic regulations she was to look over. The paper in her hand just couldn’t keep her attention, and after stopping in a small windowed alcove, Janna sighed and spelled the paper away. She looked out the window, watching the sun sink below the hills of the rift.

The sight brought back memories. Memories of the streets in Zuan. Of the cold nights and the warm days, of performing small street shows to pay for her books. Of the beautiful sunsets that only happened around this time of the year.

Ever since her induction to the league, she’d been so busy dealing with regulations and magical experiments. Not to mention the battles her Summoners called to her for, or the love interests who just never could understand her. Sometimes, on nights such as these, she longed to be back there, sitting on the open balconies of the street homes. She had so little to worry about in those days. She went to class, walked along the streets, and found a place to stay for the night. The sun would slowly fall down, sinking below the horizon. The colors that appeared always brought her hope and made her feel safe. She’d then drift into an easy sleep, the last of the sun setting and the moon rising.

Lost in her memories, Janna leaned against the cold stone that made up the hall, closing her eyes. The stone reminded her of the cold air that would race around her feet as a child, helping her rush to classes or to make her street tricks seem real.

She remembered the quiet nights. She’d find a loft, either paying for the night, or offering services to make up for a warm bed. Climbing to the roof, she’d go to the edge of the building and lean over, watching the street below close shop for the night. She’d wait for all to be quiet before climbing onto the small ledge, swinging her legs over, and closing her eyes.

Her bare legs would swing lightly, feeling the cool night air on her skin. The wind would pick up on some nights and she’d reveal in the sensations.

It almost brought tears to her eyes. She hadn’t had a night alone in months. Ever since she came to the League, she’d jump from relationship to relationship. No one seemed right; no one seemed to understand her nature to be as free as the wind. They all wanted to pin her down. They wanted to lock her in a room and keep her to themselves, as if she was a prize.

She was the air. She was the wind.

Her eyes flew open and she glanced sharply at the glass windows beside her. It took but a moment for her to blow them out and banish the glass pieces. She paused, sticking her head into the hall, making sure she would have no visitors or watchers, before she climbed up, feeling childish, and stood in the window sill.
The cold air brushed against her form, sending her clothing flying behind her. She couldn’t stop the elated giggles she let out as she closed her eyes and leaned into her element.
God, how she missed this. The air clung to her, making her feel as if she was truly flying. The cold swirled around her, nearly lifting her off her feet in its excitement. It whispered into her ears, joyful of its reunion with her. It swirled faster and faster, whipping her clothes all around her before she nearly lost herself in the element.

Then, it twisted and she was surrounded by warmth. The air slowly twirled, lazy in its heated state. It had no need for tricks, as the heat was already getting to her, causing her eye lids to quiver and she gave a yawn. She couldn’t remember why this felt so peaceful, so calming.

She maneuvered herself to sit in the sill, legs dangling out into the open. The air curled around her, blanketing her in its warmth.

Sometime later, when she’d fallen into a light sleep, she realized what this felt like.
Like a welcome home.

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