Blitzcrank, rune/mastery/item builds?

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Now that Blitz has his claw back, I can stand playing him again. But he's gone through some changes, the game has gone through some changes and I as a player have gone through some changes in terms of how much thought I'm willing to put into builds.

So, I ask you, guides & strat forum, what're the best ways to build Blitz these days? When I say that I mean, what builds are his versions of AP Teemo or Kass who can take half a champ's health in a single shot, or those nasty Yi/Trynd builds that can drop a tower in 3 hits?

I feel like you want to max cooldowns and I'm currently working on figuring out how much I need from runes + frozen heart to make that happen. I like the Heart as an item but maybe that is a mistake, I'm open to that.

But once you've maxed cooldowns where will I see big returns? Do people still consider Sheen to be a must buy even though its been debunked as not stacking the way people thought it did 2 months ago? Should I be trying to up my crit chance to insane levels like so many other melees? Or should I rely on my skills to get my damage and be working on AP? His hits are hard as is, should I go with attack speed? Damage?

Thats how lost I am, and while I want to play/build him smart I'm not really good at crunching the numbers myself.

TIA and all that.