Serious Fixes needed:

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Problem number 1: Your client is a bit like a puppy, we love it, we feed it, and it still it takes a dump whenever and wherever it wants

Currently I am in a 30 minute ban from ranked queues because the client for the second time tonight glitches during champion selection causing all champs and ui to disappear. I can hear my turn to select come up but i cant do anything about it. I cant exit as it will count as a dodge. Not very fun to experience. BTW I've played off and on since you guys have started this game and its always been glitchy on multiple computers.


Problem number 2: There is a horrible policy when it comes to leavers/ afk/ and that is to do nothing...There is really no way anybody can compete in a 4v5 so we end up wasting 20 minutes of our lives before we can surrender of which there are generally hopefuls in your team which dont surrender and drag game on to its 30+ minute long inevitable defeat...Yes Yes we all have won those VERY few amazingly lucky 4v5's where by luck our team snowballs early because everybody is playing decently and sees it through to the end. But that is generally due to some truly awful players on the opposite team... The fact that upwards of 20% of my games have afk's or people who just don't disconnect is sign of serious concern to me. I don't have all the time in the world to play so i'd like to enjoy my games and have good competitive fun while I'm able to play.

Solution. Offer a player on the other team a small bonus LP for taking a draw and bowing out making the game an even 4v4. at that point permanently disconnect both the leaver and the good guy who decided to bow out in a gesture of good sportsmanship.

BTW work is slow out here so you should hire me for quality control, Lots more ideas on how you could improve your user experience believe me.